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Name: Tricia Landers
Email: princesstml2002 %at*
Comments: wow!! I had no idea this site existed. Lots of memories especially Mrs. Heikkila and Ms. Dennis
Alma years: 86-87
Now living in: london
Thu, 29 December 2005 at 12:13:09 PM

Name: Tricia Landers
Email: princesstml2002 %at*
Alma years: 86-87
Now living in: London
Thu, 29 December 2005 at 12:11:26 PM

Name: Cheryl Vandenbroucke (nee Cook)
Email: cookc %at*
Comments: Reading through the guestbook has been a treat. All the best to everyone for 2006!
Alma years: 81-83 (I think)
Now living in: Holland Landing, Ontario
Fri, 23 December 2005 at 5:27:49 PM

Name: Stacey Roberts (Laverty)
Email: sales %at*
Comments: Happy Holiday wishes to all Alma Girls.
Alma years: 1975-76
Now living in: Guelph
Tue, 20 December 2005 at 10:21:00 AM

Name: Jennifer Rowland-Rush
Email: jennrush %at*
Comments: Hi Everyone!!!! Nice to see that you are all doing well and succeeding! I am, yes STILL, in London keeping busy with my two boys, Christopher (7) and Andrew (5). Between skating, hockey, soccer, karate, homework........there isn't much time for anything else. I still work as a dental hygienist in 4 offices and keep my hand in at Fanshawe College as a program advisor for dental programs. Jon and I have been married for nearly 10 years now (he's a tolerant man!) and are living in Westmount. I hope this finds you all healthy, happy and well!!! Keep safe fellow Alma friends!! Cheers!
Alma years: 1985-1988
Now living in: London, Ontario STILL!
Sat, 17 December 2005 at 8:01:37 PM

Name: Marilyn Langstaff
Email: mrlangstaff %at*
Comments: Hi: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Liz Whaley and Lyn Dennison? I would like to get in touch with them.
Alma years: 1955 - 56
Now living in: Atlanta
Mon, 31 October 2005 at 11:17:11 AM

Name: Sophie Debrunner
Email: sophie.debrunner %at*
Comments: Don't be afraid Elisa, I remember you, REALLY ! I'm looking for Frances Whitling from Trinidad. Does somebody have her adress ? Merci et salutations a toutes
Alma years: 83-84
Now living in: Switzerland
Thu, 13 October 2005 at 4:37:10 AM

Name: Cathy Rattu formerly Cathy Bradley
Email: cathy_rattu %at*
Comments: between the "cathy" and the rattu there is an underscore (_) in the address. Feel free to contact me if you remember me. Huggggsss and lots of fond memories, Cathy
Alma years: Sept. '78 to June '79
Now living in: Toronto
Fri, 19 August 2005 at 3:46:58 AM

Name: elisa gutierrez
Email: elisagz %at*
Comments: hello, hope you remember me, elisa from mexico friend of maria from venezuela keep in touch
Alma years: 83-84
Now living in: mexico ( same place)
Sun, 14 August 2005 at 9:55:37 PM

Name: Margarita Acosta Corral
Email: margarita_acostacorral_7 %at*
Comments: hello!! I am so glad to hear from you!!!! send you my love!!!!!!!
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico
Thu, 28 July 2005 at 2:27:31 PM

Name: Claudia Baca
Email: claudia %at*
Comments: Hello again, I have been looking for information about the college and I got into website where there are some pictures of the buildings as they are now. It is very sad to see that as it seems the classrooms and the gym are no longer there...Inside the halls there are no walls between the rooms...I almost cried as I saw everything all gone. It would be beautiful to have a site where we all could see all the beatiful pictures of the golden years!!!
Alma years: 1981-1982
Now living in: Tuxtla Gutz. Chiapas, Mexico
Wed, 13 July 2005 at 2:40:40 PM

Name: rachel j leon
Email: racheljleon%at*
Comments: will love to hear from my classmates
Alma years: 1982/1984
Now living in: miami florida
Tue, 12 July 2005 at 10:17:20 PM

Name: rachel j leon
Comments: will love to hear from classmates
Alma years: 1982/1983
Now living in: miami florida
Tue, 12 July 2005 at 10:14:31 PM

Name: Cathy Rattu
Email: cathy_rattu %at*
Comments: Hi all, I was Cathy Bradley and used to get in trouble with Lynn Klassen. (smile) Does anyone know what has happened to her? My first roomate was that nice little songbird Anita Baker from Petrolia. Next I shared a room with the passionate latin girl Enid Davila from Caracas. I am an RN working in Toronto. I have a BA with a major in psychology from Laurentian U. My little dog is the joy of my life. I don't know if you'd recognize me; I'm rather geeky now. (laughing) I still enjoy music. I'm divorced, but have not repossessed my maiden name. I've been rather poor at keeping in touch; however, I am going through a middle-age crisis of sentimentality as fondly remember dear old Alma. I'm 45
Alma years: 1979
Now living in: Toronto
Sat, 09 July 2005 at 7:14:21 AM

Name: Dorothy Cutler aka.Dodie (Dykstra)
Email: Dykstra%at*
Comments: I really miss seeing the girls from the last year of Alma. The strike was a big toll on our school year at the time. I have been diviorced and now remarried. I also have 5 girls and one son. They all love to hear my Alma stories. Does anyone still have their uniform? I still have the complete set. My girls like to wear it sometimes. They can't beleive I use to wear that everyday for school. We didn't mind. I remeber wearing the boxers under the kilts on the hot days. Does any one know or talk to Alison Ellinor or any other girls from 1988 when the strike was on? I still have my white dress shirt that everyone signed. what ever happened to the 1987-1988 year book ?
Alma years: 1988
Now living in: Strathroy
Sun, 26 June 2005 at 1:34:11 PM

Comments: Just want to add my congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's reunion a success. Looking forward to next year!
Alma years:
Now living in:
Thu, 23 June 2005 at 4:16:02 PM

Name: Claudia Baca
Email: claudia %at*
Comments: I finally found somethig about our dear Alma College. It's sad to see such a few people from my time. Hope to see more of you in the future. Love always to all of you, Claudia.
Alma years: 1981-1982
Now living in: Tuxtla Gtz. Chiapas, Mexico
Mon, 13 June 2005 at 11:24:45 AM

Name:Barbara Toomer( Bandeen)
Email:mbjtoomer %at*
Comments:Thank you to all the women who made this years reunion a truly wonderful experience
Alma years: 1974-1978
Now living in: Strathroy
June 8, 2005 21:45:01 (GMT Time)

Alma years: 83-85
Now living in: VENEZUELA
May 25, 2005 20:20:26 (GMT Time)

Name:anne-marie dupperon
Email:annnienonomous %at*
Comments:my sister louha pryne(robinson) attended alma college the year i attended bgranksome hall. her best friend was nora duarte....di=oes any body know how to get in touch with her? thanks.
Alma years: i believe 1965
Now living in: agassiz bc
May 24, 2005 06:31:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Hannah-Ellen James(now Service)
Email:hannahservic %at*
Comments:I have old home movies of our graduation in 1969 I remember smashing my new black oxfords against a tree trunk to break them in and ties that where never untied for two second dressing and dashing to the breakfast hall just in the nick of time! I remember the cute boy at the little restraunt I remember that grand staircase and the prom dance,singing in the tower overlooking the city. Stealing down the backstaircase and raiding the kitchen ,drinking too too much slow gin under the tress Awsome!
Alma years: 1967 to 1969
Now living in: Ottawa (Kanata)
May 14, 2005 02:38:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Isabel Cerrada
Email:icerrada %at*
Comments:I would like to contact my friendīs promotion
Alma years: 1960 - 62
Now living in: Carcas Venezuela
May 8, 2005 22:25:42 (GMT Time)

Name:margaret e.elia(mabon)
Email:marg_mabon_elia %at*
Comments:It seems every year when the reunion comes I 'm busy. 2 teenage girls fills my time . Cherie G. nice you found site. I wonder where the girls are we shared so much with .Memories never forgotten. Always wonder:Jane Fraser-TO-KathyPhillips-Brenda Sears- list is endless.Hope all are well. Drop me a line anyone love to hear from you!
Alma years: 1972-1974 gr9&10 1977-1978 gr-13
Now living in: Niagara -on-the-Lake Ont.
May 3, 2005 03:39:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Joyce Jesch-Sanderson
Email:JSanderson %at*
Comments:I corrected my e-mail address that I previously entered in . That all for now folks!
Alma years: 1975-76(Grade 12)
Now living in: Milton, Ontario
April 11, 2005 17:36:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Joyce Jesch-Sanderson
Email:JSanderson %at*
Comments:Would love to hear from anyone who was at Alma College the same time as I was. Is anyone in touch with or has been in touch with Dianne Daneliuk(spelling?), she was my roomate. Would love to know how she is doing? I do hope that Alma College will not be destroyed. I have visited Alma quite a few times. Last summer I walked around the property and met Brian Squires, very nice man. He was very passionate about his restoration of Alma.
Alma years: 1975-76(Grade 12)
Now living in: Milton, Ontario
April 11, 2005 17:23:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Lee Ann Jennings (MacLauchlan)
Email:laj %at*
Comments:Was a day student for 3 years - had a great time at Alma - meet alot of friends - not as many as the rest of you due to the fact that I wasn't in residence. My best friend Mary Lynn Weir (Blackwell) passed away 6 years ago. If anyone remembers me - just write.
Alma years: 1964 - 1967
Now living in: Brampton, ON
April 5, 2005 02:13:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Carroll Bellinger
Email:peteandcarroll %at*
Comments:I would like to connect with my room mate Sonia Glottman
Alma years: 1955 - 1959
Now living in: Madeira Beach, Florida, 33708
April 2, 2005 18:21:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Barbara Bandeen
Email:mbjtoomer %at*
Comments:who's going to the next reunion from 1974-1978
Alma years: 1974-1978
Now living in:
March 29, 2005 21:38:51 (GMT Time)

Comments:Have to say I agree. Why would the place be left open to the elements for years if the intent was to restore it? Rather obvious. Most of what was done since it was last sold, was done to prepare for demolition & land development. No money was spent on the original building toward repair. Why demolish the kitchen? Scrap metal perhaps?
Alma years:
Now living in:
March 13, 2005 13:05:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Get Real
Comments:Alma is for sale! Is anyone surprised? Not I. The condo ploy never made any sense, but it killed time, destroyed the grounds & probably the building. 'For Sale' is another ploy. No one will buy it, so it will fall down as per the original plan. Why couldn't the city see beyond the 'show' that was & is still going on? Maybe they didn't want to.
Alma years: 1867 - 1988
Now living in: Memory
March 12, 2005 03:03:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Margaret-ann Durward
Email:madurward %at*
Comments:Known as "Dagwood" at Alma. Was house mum from '77 until '81. Would like to hear from Alma girls who know me. Often wondered what happened to my kids.
Alma years: 1977-1981
Now living in: London, Ontario, Canada
March 11, 2005 23:20:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Linda Grunewald
Email:windy %at*
Comments:Enjoyed the website-recognized some names-I am a principal at an elementary school have twin boys 30-one is RCMP in Manitoba and the other is High School teacher in Winnipeg
Alma years: 66-67
Now living in: Red Lake, Ontario
March 10, 2005 06:31:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Sondra Stewart
Email:sondra_stewart %at*
Comments:I am trying to track down Nancy Swartz - she was employed in the Alumni Dept. at York University, but appears to not be employed there any longer. If anyone keeps in contact with her, could they please send me an email with her new email address? Thanks.
Alma years: 1982-1987
Now living in: Woodbridge
March 2, 2005 20:22:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Sharifa Leung
Email:sharifaleung %at*
Comments:O, my! Its great to see this site! and with so many familiar names here. Its sad to see what its like now. Its true that we all had fond memories. Remembered my last visit was 1990 and looking at those pictures, its hard to let go of this beautiful place! So, are there other girls from HK?? Lets keep in touch!!
Alma years: 1984-1986
Now living in: Hong Kong
February 20, 2005 17:05:00 (GMT Time)

Name:maritza higuero ruiz
Email:darienpty %at*
Comments:my best memories are from alma college, i am originally from panama city, panama now living in the usa
Alma years: 1954-55
Now living in: 5465 sw 165 ave,miami fl 33185 tel 305-485-0520
February 13, 2005 13:15:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Brian Fortin
Email:brianfortin %at*
Comments:would like to see photo's of the inside
Alma years:
Now living in:
January 13, 2005 01:10:34 (GMT Time)

Comments:End the suspense... Was it Lisa Brown?
Alma years: 84-85
Now living in: Toronto
January 1, 2005 21:05:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Karen Bonasso (nee: Baracat)
Email:notesonbroadway %at*
Comments:I see so many 86-88 girls- how refreshing! Sondra Stewart was my big sister. Wow- how long ago was that? I am happily married and expecting my first child! And to think I was a child back then(only 12!) So many memories! Happy holidays to all Alma girls around the World! (P.S- I think it was Lisa Brown too!)
Alma years: 86-88
Now living in: Windsor, Ontario
December 23, 2004 20:02:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Sonia Blaylock
Email:sblaylock %at*
Comments:To Donna Johnson, sorry about the incorrect e-mail. Carol Taylor lived in Hornpayne, Ontario, and as far as I know, she did not attended any other school. Look forward to hearing from you.
Alma years: 1962-63
Now living in: St. Catharines, Ontario
December 22, 2004 00:46:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Tom McCarthy
Email:thomas.mccarthy %at*
Comments:Just wanted to say I had contacted Velma Smith today, Dec. 11,2004. Velma graudated from Alma in 1949, we were friends in our native Guelph, mor etha n 50 years ago. Anyone wishing to contact Velma please writ eto me and I will forward your request to her.
Alma years: 1947-1949
Now living in: California
December 12, 2004 01:04:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Donna Robertson
Email:donnaro %at*
Comments:Response to Sonia H, Mary McClintock lives in Innisfil (sp) near Barrie, check 411. I sent u an email, it came back. Carol Taylor, did she also go to Albert College? Merry Ho Ho everyone!
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: London, ON
December 10, 2004 23:43:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Sonia Blaylock nee Hrynkiw
Email:sblaylock %at*
Comments:Looking for Mary McClintock. Just got new computer and back online. Please contact me as soon as you get this. Looking for the where abouts of Carol Taylor, from Hornpayne Ontario. She married and her last name was Delongchamp. Can anyone help me?
Alma years: 1962-63
Now living in: St. Catharines Ontario Canada
December 3, 2004 01:01:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Jane Grayson
Email:jgrayson %at*
Comments:I was at Alma for only one year . I am so grateful for this very special year in my life.I am looking for my roomate...Mina Persyko...... she was a friend of Heike Beck......If anyone knows her whereabouts I'd appreciate hearing from them......It was very interesting to read the other emails on this site.... the things you learn!.....I have such a warm feeling for Alma, Dr Sifton, Mrs. Douglas, Dr Watkins and so many of the students.......
Alma years: 1963-64
Now living in: Kingville Ontario
December 1, 2004 20:08:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Heather Mackay (now Heather Rush)
Email:HRush010 %at*
Comments:Hi Carolyn! LOVE seeing you & Bob when we're in Toronto! Cherie Keen, where are you? Also Carolyn Brown?
Alma years: 1969-70
Now living in: Ashland, Oregon
November 18, 2004 05:25:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Heather Kelso (McGavin)
Email:kelso %at*
Comments:I agree - it must be Lisa Brown!!!!
Alma years: 85-86
Now living in: Kirkton...near London
November 16, 2004 18:37:37 (GMT Time)

Name:Carolyn Czincz [nee Cook]
Email:carczincz %at*
Comments:Hi! I just discovered this site a few days ago. I am married with 2 girls [22 & 24] and working as a Case Manager with brain injured clients. I am in touch with Pat Taylor, Joan Rogers, Karen Mills, Liz McFarlane, Gail Wren and Heather McKay.
Alma years: 1969-70
Now living in: Toronto
November 16, 2004 15:01:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Sondra Stewart
Email:sondra_stewart %at*
Comments:Hmmmm. I'm going to guess Danielle Tedesco (Tribe). What do we win for a correct answer?
Alma years: 82-86
Now living in: Toronto
November 15, 2004 17:08:20 (GMT Time)

Comments:Sounds like Lisa Brown?
Alma years: 84-85
Now living in: Toronto
November 14, 2004 15:21:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Let's See Who Can Guess
Email:troutvision %at*
Comments:83: 3 x suspension should have ='d Expulsion. While (+) Academics bailed me out, my "anti-social, deviant residential behaviour needed ironing out". Successfully amended Alma's smoking law. 84: Suspension x 2 (better, no?). "Butt Room" Euchre tournies' co-founder. 85: Suspended x 1, I think. Still, was stripped of SC Prez title for conduct @ the Formal...! Ms. Denniss: thanks: you so kindly acknowledged the '86 death of my little bro. Commercial Producer for 10+ years now - best regards to all!!
Alma years: 1983-4 / 84-5 / 85-6
Now living in: Toronto, ON
November 8, 2004 01:12:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Guess Who?
Comments:83-4: Suspended 3 times which, by the "3-Strikes-&-Out" law, ='d expulsion (Reversed: while my academics bailed me out, still had my "anti-social, deviant residential behaviour that needed to be ironed out". 84-5: A mere 2 suspensions (getting better, no?) 85-6: Down to only 1 suspension I think, but not without getting kicked off as Prez of SC... Ms.
Alma years: 1983-4 / 84-5 / 85-6
Now living in: Toronto, ON
November 8, 2004 00:07:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Guess Who?
Comments:In 83-84: I was suspended 3 or 4 times in my first year, which, by Alma's Three-constituted expulsion - decision was reversed and I was allowed to continue, but not without my mother receiving a letter that stated that, while my academic success would allow me to continue at Alma it was my "anti-social, deviant residential behaviour that must be ironed out"!! Year Two: faced two suspensions
Alma years: 1983 - 84 / 84 - 85 / 85 - 86
Now living in: Toronto, ON
November 7, 2004 23:51:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Diane(Black)(Stephens) Faulds
Email:Dianeefaulds %at*
Comments:Great site for the old Alma girls-Linda Sargent you were my big sister on the scariest day of my life-fond memories of alot of wacky people-doing alot of crazy things-(Donna was definetly the Champ)Gibb and Sussex still my best pals-see Pattie Pearn all the time-I think I held the record for the most interesting roomates-right Bethel-take care all of you
Alma years: 63=67
Now living in: Mt. Brydges, Ontario
October 27, 2004 00:12:11 (GMT Time)

Name:ellordo c. gualberto
Email:ejfamily88 %at*
Alma years:
Now living in: Davao City
October 20, 2004 12:11:07 (GMT Time)

Name:jeanette ainslie
Email:jeanettea %at*
Comments:Wow I just discovered this website after visiting Alma this afternoon. Ran into the new owner who shared his vision for the new retirement centre and allowed me a walk around. Good to know it won't be torn down and look forward to watching its restoration. Memories flooded back of friends, antics, and so much more! If you are able its worth the drive to St. Thomas! love to hear from any "Carmen girls"
Alma years: 1971-72
Now living in: london
October 9, 2004 22:27:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Al Enns
Email:enzy %at*
Comments:Born in Hornepayne Feb 1/ 1957. Mother and father are Sarah and Harold Enns
Alma years:
Now living in: Campbell River BC
October 9, 2004 04:34:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Pattie ( Urlin ) Pearn
Email:ppearn %at*
Comments:Just wanted everyone to know that went to Alma that knew Diane Black. Diane's daughter Janaya Stephens is a very successfull actress. Janaya Stephens will be in the following T V Movies . Oct 10 CBS Sunday Night Movie of the Week " While I was Gone " starting Kristie Alley also Janaya will be on the Sue Thomas F B Eye , Episode # 219 , also CBS Mini Series " Overload" airing this November 2004. Congratulations to Janaya she has worked very hard to find this success.
Alma years:
Now living in: Mt Brydges, Ontario
October 6, 2004 12:26:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Diane Wastle
Comments:(continuing) ... Astonishing to think that my family's history with Alma goes back 100 years! Fond wishes to all -- Pat Urlin, Kathy Bulloch, Linda Muckle, Jane Bell, Susann Wolbers, Sandi McCaig, Ruth Lewis, and especially to Joni Pypka.
Alma years: 66/67
Now living in: Ottawa/Manotick
September 30, 2004 20:22:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Diane Wastle
Comments:(continuing) ... Astonishing to think that my family's history with Alma goes back 100 years! Fond wishes to all -- Pat Urlin, Kathy Bulloch, Linda Muckle, Jane Bell, Susann Wobers, Sandi McCaig, Ruth Lewis, and especially to Joni Pypka.
Alma years: 66/67
Now living in: Ottawa/Manotick
September 30, 2004 20:20:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Diane (McCrady) Wastle
Comments:So good to see so many familiar names from my year (67). I'm writing to let older Alumnae know that my mom Helen (Raymer) McCrady (Alma 34) died in August, aged 90. Her mother Nettie Loundes graduated from Alma in 1911. Her dad, Rev. Gordon Raymer, was Chairman of the Board of Alma flr several years in the 30s. I was the first third-generation Alma girl, and I h;ad hped that my daughter Devon would be the first fourth-generation, but it was not to be. Astonishing to think that my family's
Alma years: 1966/67
Now living in: Ottawa (Manotick), Ontario
September 30, 2004 20:12:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Ana Galea (nee Oliveira)
Email:ana_galea %at*
Comments:Wow! I am sitting here in front of the computer with this stupid look on my face as I have read guest book. Names I had not heard in so long. Just discovered this site and hope to hear from others from my time. Hope to hear from some of you guys out there.
Alma years: 1983-1987
Now living in: Courtice, Ontario
September 3, 2004 00:20:31 (GMT Time)

Name:thomas mccarthy
Email:thomas.mccarthy %at*
Comments:Looking for information about Velma A. Smith of Guelph, dob 4 Oct. 1930
Alma years: circa 1947-1949
Now living in:
August 31, 2004 01:44:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Sharon McKay (Kirby)
Email:sharonmkirby %at*
Comments:Hello everyone. Kathie Bulloch and Cherie, I am especially pleased to see your names. I remember you both well. I don't know if you remember me. I have survived raising three boys between 17 and almost 30. I now have a two year old grandson. My husband and I are attending the reunion in Trinidad and Tobago and would love to see more of us for those crazy years of Woodstock and free love (no such thing of course). Hope that all are well.
Alma years: 1969-71
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
August 19, 2004 19:58:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Laura S
Email:ghettu_gurl456 %at*
Comments:i am wondering if any body has any info on alma college i want to know as much of it as possible and see as much of it as i can befor they do anything to the building it has alot of history and i would really appreciate any info u guys have on it.. pictures , websites, or just emails with info would be appreciate
Alma years: wish i had
Now living in: london ont
August 17, 2004 17:55:21 (GMT Time)

Email:matthew_branton5 %at*
Comments:very good site. You need pictures of what the logoware pendents and rings look like!
Alma years: -
Now living in: St.Thomas
August 15, 2004 03:37:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Lindsey Brodie (Graham)
Email:lbrod5267 %at*
Comments:I was wondering how good ol Alma College was and found out unfortunately that it closed. I was thinking its been 25 years since attending myself. Great to see others writing in and keeping in touch. My roomate Denise Duchart (now Devenish) and I are still very close friends and we plan to do a trip to St. Thomas for old times sake. Sadly we won't be able to go inside but memories will come alive I am sure!
Alma years: 1977-80
Now living in: Etobicoke, Ontario
August 4, 2004 01:59:30 (GMT Time)

Name:suzanne craig
Email:tootsiepie2002 %at*
Comments:it is so nice to see this web page, my mother, edith mary neame(ne: smith) attended alma in the '30's. she passed away in 2001. i have lots of photos, etc. from her alma days---would like to give them to the alma archives. please contact me. one of her friends was known as "hilly". anyone know her or of her?
Alma years: none
Now living in: bancroft, ontario, canada.
August 2, 2004 01:42:22 (GMT Time)

Email:ghettu_gurl456 %at*
Comments:i first heard about Alma from a friend who lives in st thomas and i was imediatly interested in it .. i did some research on it and found some old pictures of it .. then just recently i asked him to show me the building and it is gorgeous!! i went at dusk to see it and when u look at pics it doesnt look that big but from the front gates it is amazing i was sad to see though that they were tearing it down .. it is such a beutiful building!!
Alma years: 2004
Now living in: London Ont
July 28, 2004 03:26:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Elissa Lyman / Moscoe
Comments:I found the Alma website on a search engine looking for something else entirly. I was shocked to find out what has happened to the school. It was such a beautiful building on sprawling landscapes. I miss seeing that living out here in the desert. Even though I am so far away I would like to do my part in helping to preserve Alma College's memories. As well I am sorry to hear of Miss Bone's passing.
Alma years: 84-86
Now living in: Scottsdale, Arizona
July 26, 2004 05:37:50 (GMT Time)

Email:pitahoda %at*
Comments:If you want more information about the painting mentioned below, you may email me with any questions or how to purchase the print. The artist is a good friend of mine.
Alma years:
Now living in:
July 23, 2004 03:35:40 (GMT Time)

Email:pitahoda %at*
Comments:I stumbled across this site by accident. Although I never attended Alma College, I wanted to inform you about a limited edition print of Alma College done by a popular local artist, Jonathon Hayes. The print is beautiful and very detailed. You can view it at: You can call Jonathon at 519-782-4637 to order the print directly from him.
Alma years: 0
Now living in: Port Stanley, ON
July 23, 2004 03:18:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Cherie (Griffis) Clarke
Comments:I read through all the e-mails at this site last night. I am truly impressed by the comraderie and worldliness of Alma. I feel that a spark from within which needed to burn has been ignited. Truly grateful to whoever started this site, having found Kathy Bisch, J&J Docherty, M&D Mabon. Where is Isi and Sonya, Cheryl and Darlene, Jane Minard and staff, Mrs. Martin, Miss Barrett, Miss Binkley. Guess I need to get myself to a reunion! Take care everyone.
Alma years: 1969-1973
Now living in: Bracebridge, Ontario
July 4, 2004 10:05:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Cherie Clarke (Griffis)
Comments:I just found this site now I can't get out of p.j.'s and get outside to cut the grass! The Trinidad/Tobago trip sounds intriguing. Anyone I know going? I manage a medical office and come home to quiet with my three wild but loving cats. Life is good.
Alma years: 1969-1973
Now living in: Bracebridge, Ontario
July 3, 2004 14:36:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Trudy L. Bauer
Comments:Just a quick note to all the friends that I had at Alma, Ithink of those years often. My email and address have changed since the last time so if anyone wants to get in touch with me, please do. Still working as a professional artist and still in the health care field.
Alma years: 1979 to 1981
Now living in: Huntsville. Muskoka Ontario
July 2, 2004 18:49:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Maria Elena Orellana
Email:maeol %at*
Comments:Over all the years after Alma I have always cherrished those days, always wondered about all the girls that attended school at that time when the days seemed endless. I have recognized a few names, gladly, but I am pretty sure they would not remember who I am. Although I would love to know if anyone knows about Rachel Yaker, Laura Mariscal or Ellen Wilder I am sure they don't know about this site.
Alma years: 1967-69
Now living in: Morelos, Mexico
June 22, 2004 22:56:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Brenda (Nesbitt) Kitching
Email:brendajim %at*
Comments:Gayle (Baranuik) Preston, Penny (Haveling) Smith and I have been to the Open House at Alma today. It was very sad to see the way it has run down but we were thrilled to see Pattie (Urlin) Pearn and speak with her. She is very encouraged about the new plans for new units at Alma. On a happier note, six Carmen girls from 67/68 get together every year for a "girl weekend" also including Heather (Cleland) Kueneman, Jennifer Jordan and Shirley (Le Boutlier) Noury. Any others from our year?
Alma years: 1967-68
Now living in: London, Ont
June 21, 2004 00:23:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Pattie Urlin Pearn
Email:ppearn %at*
Comments:No Alma College has not been sold again. I am an Alma girl and I do support the views and vision of the new owners. I hope that people will stop by and just listen to his visions.
Alma years: 1964 to 1969
Now living in: Mt Brydges, Ontario, NOL 1WO
June 15, 2004 22:27:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Janis Lind (Strathdee)
Email:jalind1 %at*
Comments:..found an ad in today's London Free Press Real Estate section - Open House at Alma CollegeJune 20/04 12 pm - 3pm. The Realtor's name is Pattie Pearn Alma for sale again?
Alma years: 80??
Now living in: Ilderton, Ontario
June 12, 2004 21:59:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Rachel Gore
Email:r_gore %at*
Comments:Hello, just recieved an email from Lara and though who is that? Well wouldn't it be Miss Masur as she was know back then. It would be great to here from any old friend who remember me. I did recognize a few names from reading the guestbook, but not many.
Alma years: 78-80
Now living in: Cambridge, Ontario
June 10, 2004 01:25:18 (GMT Time)

Email:zapateriagabrielas %at*
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: PUEBLA, MEXICO
June 10, 2004 00:38:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Kathy Bulloch
Email:bulloch1 %at*
Comments:Didn't know about this site at all. Sorry that I missed the reunion. Would love to communicate. Am a wicked nurse with a 19 year old daughter who I have survived, and who has survived me. Haven't lost my affinity for trouble. Life is life. And here we are.
Alma years: 65-70
Now living in: Toronto
June 7, 2004 21:51:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Candice Fung (Candi Goodwin)
Email:ce.fung %at*
Comments:Hello to all of you. Memories, memories. I live in Chatham Ontario, have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1cat and some fish. I teach various secondary school subjects at John McGregor in Chatham.
Alma years: 80-82
Now living in: Chatham On.
May 30, 2004 13:30:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Tania McLeod-Yu
Email:taniamcleod_yu %at*
Comments:G'day from Sydney Australia. Sorry, I won't be able to join you this year at the reunion. I hope it will be a blast. I'm hoping to be in Montreal in October, with my husband Alan and daughter Jessica (11). Best wishes to all of you, I will be there in spirit.
Alma years: 1978, 1983
Now living in: Sydney, Australia
May 30, 2004 11:56:50 (GMT Time)

Name:margaret e. elia (mabon) & dorothy m.mabon
Email:marg_mabon_elia %at*
Comments:Hi everyone who remembers me-- love to here from anyone. Lost contact over the years with jane fraser , lori cheyne,brenda sears, terry quinn. I think of many of the girls often from grades 9 & 10 and grade 13. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. I regularly read any info on alma I can get and am very sad at the state of the school. I hope that the st.thomas groups that are fighting to save it succeed.
Alma years: (M)1972-1974 1977-1978 (D) 1972-1974 1976-1977
Now living in: niagara -on-the-lake,ont (M) niagara falls,ont.(D)
May 30, 2004 01:57:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Jackie (Dieleman) Meyer
Email:his_special_princess %at*
Comments:Hilarious!! I see the person who signed this is Lisa Gray ( my old roomie!!) Remember me Lisa?? I also see Christine Van Puyenbroek is looking for Tracey etc but not ME!!! LOL. Hi to all!! Has anyone heard from Leslie Dickson or Sylvia Wallace?? I touched base with quite a few for a few years after leaving. I have been married , divorced, getting married agin, have 3 great kids and have lived all over canada--now residing in the booming metropolis of Guelph!! If you remember me email me!!
Alma years: 1985-86
Now living in: Guelph, Ontario
May 27, 2004 22:51:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Lisa Gray
Email:lj_gray13% %at**
Comments:Greetings all! Fell into a discussion (admittedly wine fueled) about the paranormal with some friends and ended up online looking for Alma/"Angela" info to add to the dialogue. Came across this link ( and got a kick out of it. Also found this guestbook again and thought perhaps others would be interested in the blurb. It seems news of poor Alma's plight has spread even here.
Alma years: Not sure - I've blocked out my entire adolescence.
Now living in: Toronto - Beaches
May 27, 2004 19:32:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Ruth Whiteley-Wells
Email:rawells %at*
Comments:lots of memories from the past! Does anyone know whereabouts of Anne Marie Coats? She was from Lima, Peru, but attended school in England before coming to Alma. The last time I heard from her she was in Ottawa. HELP!! Thanks. Anyone else out there remember me?
Alma years: 1961-62 & part of '63
Now living in: Nova Scotia
May 26, 2004 05:46:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Heather (Hill) Killey
Email:blondie06 %at*
Comments:This was great to see the names and comments of old Alma Friends. I would love to hear from anyone that knew me. Also if anyone knows where to find Morag MacPhearson let me know. A mutual friend is looking to find her. Love to all and it just breaks my heart to see what has happened to the school.
Alma years: 1974-1979
Now living in: St, Thomas, Ontario
May 22, 2004 11:28:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Kathy Kolppanen (Harasymko) %at*
Comments:Very happy to see this school on the web!
Alma years: My goodness. I'd have to dig the year book out
Now living in: Guelph, Ontario
May 17, 2004 00:39:05 (GMT Time)

Email:liannemargaret _at_
Comments:Just realized it's almost reunion time. Haven't attended before, but hope to see someone I know at the reunion.
Alma years: 82-83?
Now living in: South Riverdale/Toronto
May 16, 2004 05:08:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Marilyn Langstaff
Email:mrlangstaff %at*
Comments:I recently visited the Elgin County administrative building where the Alma archives are now kept. While I was there, a Roger's TV crew arrived. There were doing an interview on the archives of Elgin County, which included a segment on Alma. They asked me if I would consider doing a short interview, which I did. It was just a couple of minutes, and I was lucky enough to receive a video. Following that, I went to Alma and talked at length to Brian Squires. He described his future plans.
Alma years: 1955 - 56
Now living in: Altanta, Georgia
May 9, 2004 01:04:02 (GMT Time)

Email:twojlts2000 %at*
Comments:looking for fellow graduates
Alma years: 1977-78
Now living in: gulfport ms USA
May 4, 2004 17:29:29 (GMT Time)

Comments:Letting go Alma is irresponsible. I live down the street from Alma; I see it every time I go outside. It is probably the greatest, and perhaps, the only thing St. Thomas has going for itself (besides Jumbo YAY!). I think further destruction of this propery should be stopped immediately. I have been inside the college many of times and it is amazing. If anything happens to this building it should be restoration because to me it is the halmark of St. Thomas. Letting it go this far is enough.
Alma years:
Now living in: St. Thomas
May 3, 2004 05:21:37 (GMT Time)

Email:Itchy_magoo %at*
Comments:hello i never went to alma college, it closed when i was only a baby. I (like most people on here) came across this website by an accident and was wondering if you know anything about "Angela" could you please email me. I have become quite interested on the subject of her.
Alma years: None sadly
Now living in:
May 1, 2004 20:09:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Jill Higgins
Email:jkhiggins %at*
Comments:I do remember one evening when Tracey Stark and I experienced a "haunting" when we went up to the attic to retrieve her suitcase. I swore it was "Angela"... spooky.
Alma years:
Now living in:
April 20, 2004 07:44:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Jill Higgins
Email:jkhiggins %at*
Comments:Wow. My Goodness. Can't believe this page exists! Can't say I was that popular, but do remember some good times. Tracey Stark was my roomate, I snuck out one night with Leslie Dickson, and Janice Vanderhill was my closest friend. I see Cathy was trying to find me cuz I left something. What did I leave?? Can't recall what it could be, as it was almost 20 years ago! Ha ha
Alma years: 1984-86
Now living in: Las Vegas, Nevada
April 20, 2004 07:41:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Helena Clark
Email:savealma %at*
Comments:Current pictures of Alma College are available online at
Alma years:
Now living in: St Thomas
April 19, 2004 12:58:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Donna Robertson
Email:donnaro %at*
Comments:Check this out Take a few minutes to send a few comments, letters to the City, Times Journal etc. It will make a difference!
Alma years:
Now living in:
April 14, 2004 00:52:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Rebecca Bloom
Email:Rebeccabloom %at*
Comments:I went to Alma for almost two years as a day student.I left when the teachers went on strike.I was sad to leave.I was at Alma the day my mother passed away and the teachers and students were so kind.It is nice to see this site.
Alma years: 1986-87
Now living in: Calgary,Ab
April 7, 2004 02:52:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Helena Clark
Email:savealma %at*
Comments:My sister and I have starteda website for people who want iniformation on our campaign to save Alma College buildings and grounds. It;s located at
Alma years:
Now living in: St Thomas
April 5, 2004 15:29:32 (GMT Time)

Name:Janis Lind
Email:jalind1 %at*
Comments:Celebrated Mrs. Carr's 80th birthday with her today. And Mrs. Kenny was there!! Alma days were something. Would love to hear from anyone in my class - Martine, Paty, Martha, ?
Alma years: 80 something
Now living in: Ilderton, Ontario
April 4, 2004 23:03:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Janis Lind (nee Strathdee)
Email:jalind1 %at*
Comments:lost touch with Maria C, Sonia Palmer, Kristan Law
Alma years: 80 something
Now living in: Ilderton, Ontario (London area)
April 4, 2004 21:20:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Helena Clark
Email:mrscalrk97 %at*
Comments:I never attended Alma College, but I grew up just a couple of blocks away. I was wondering if your alumni members would write to the major the St Thomas, encouraging him and city council to preserve the college as it stands. Windows are currently being left open to the elements, trees have been cut. Please help council see that Alma needs to be saved!
Alma years:
Now living in: St Thomas
April 1, 2004 18:21:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Lynn Teixeira (Nee Abs)
Email:lynnteixeira %at*
Comments:Thank you Larrissa for the prompt to visit this site. Will look into and consider attending the reunion.
Alma years:
Now living in: Kitchener
April 1, 2004 16:52:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Lynda J. Alexander
Email:aumnuc16 %at*
Comments:Reply to Larissa from Classmates- I would love to attend the June reunion but I am already slated to visit Ontario in July to visit some of the friends I really knew well at Alma. It is the only time we are all available. It was the same last summer, when I visited in August. Thanks for the info, though. La Lynda
Alma years: 1969-70
Now living in: San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.
April 1, 2004 03:47:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Karen (Moorhouse) Fedato
Email:whynotflowers %at*
Comments:Just discovered this site. It was fun to read through old messages and recognize some names. It sure would be fun to hear from any of my former classmates.
Alma years: 74-78
Now living in: Courtice, On.
March 30, 2004 22:13:28 (GMT Time)

Comments:continuation of below comment- i know that alot of you think that teenagers are responsible for the damage but i know alot of adult have went in there and could have possibly damaged it as well, i know i have never done anything to the building, nor have any of my friends, we visit it quite frequently, not to vandalise but to look at a great part of st.thomas history, to find out if it really is haunted by "angela" so if you have any info please post it on here!! thanks
Alma years:
Now living in:
March 25, 2004 04:15:13 (GMT Time)

Comments:I would just like to know if any of you who have attended alma know of any crazy stories, i am a teenager who lives in st.thomas and my friends and i are very interested in the old school, when we heard runmours of it being torn down we were really upset but thank god they are not true!!!!i have went to alma many times and have taken alot of pictures, many of which have turned out kinda creepy, with mysterious faces in the windows & even have heard some crazy noises when we were in the building
Alma years: nil
Now living in: st.thomas
March 25, 2004 04:12:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Jennifer Toogood
Email:jenntoogood %at*
Comments:Hi, my sister went to Alma 85-88. My husband and I would like to do a documentary on the history of Alma, if anybody is interesting in sharing storys please email me. Thank you
Alma years: none
Now living in: St. Thomas, Ontario
March 22, 2004 02:49:17 (GMT Time)

Name:Christine Van Puyenbroeck ( De Coste )
Email:christinedecoste %at*
Comments:A big hello to all the girls who went from 85-88. Would love to hear from Crystal Lindsay, and Christine Anderson, Tracey Crowe. I have been married for thirteen yrs, I have two girls twelve and three. And believe it or not I have moved back to St. Thomas four yrs ago, and can see the top of Alma from my house!!. Tell me thats not scary ( tee hee ).
Alma years: 1985-88
Now living in: St. Thomas, Ontario
March 22, 2004 02:39:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Christine Van Puyenbroeck ( De Coste )
Email:christinedecoste %at*
Comments:A big hello to all the girls who went from 85-88. Would love to hear from Crystal Lindsay, and Christine Anderson, Tracey Crowe. I have been married for thirteen yrs, I have two girls twelve and three. And believe it or not I have moved back to St. Thomas four yrs ago, and can see the top of Alma from my house!!. Tell me thats not scary ( tee hee ).
Alma years: 1985-88
Now living in: St. Thomas, Ontario
March 22, 2004 02:39:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Linda (Muckle)Rabb
Email:lbmd.rabb %at*
Comments:Great site. Nice to read little comments about former students. At times it seems just like yesterday. So sad to revisit the college - I took my daughter and her fiance last year to update them on things - I stood there and cried it was so beautiful in its days and what a shame. I had my wedding there 32years ago in the chapel and amphitheatre - it was so HOT that day. I was cleaning out some cupboards not too long ago and came across the ABC of Alma College. How times change.
Alma years: 1965-68
Now living in: London, Ontario
March 16, 2004 20:02:28 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Email:jandeduthie %at*
Comments:(cont'd) least the beautiful, historical achitecture of the exterior will be preserved..........let's hope Angela has something in store for the vandals!!
Alma years: Liza 1985--1988
Now living in: Thunder Bay, ON
March 14, 2004 23:09:48 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Email:jandeduthie %at*
Comments:I have been in regular contact with Brian Squires (current owner of Alma College)... he called me today to tell me that he is going ahead with the plan he had for Alma when he purchased her in 1998...he is converting Alma/McLaughlin into a 66 unit condo complex with a tea room and a bed and breakfast facility on the main floor.............he is currently removing the broken windows (some of which are unfortunately within the chapel, thanx to vandals)....altho Alma will never again be what it was
Alma years: Liza 1985--1988
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
March 14, 2004 23:05:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Lee (Currie) Ouellette
Comments:Just a quick update: I'm celebrating my first year as a Creative Memories Consultant and I'm enjoying teaching album making and how to preserve the past. Perfect for memories of Alma!! Best wishes to everyone from my years and to those I have since met on the Alumnae.
Alma years: 1979-1982
Now living in: Oakville, ON
March 4, 2004 23:36:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Ann Low
Email:annlow %at*
Comments:HI! I remember meeting some of the most intelligent and wonderful students at Alma. Great caring women. I currently work for the Thames Valley School Board as a curriculum consultant and live in St. Thomas. I was pregnant twice while teaching at Alma and my girls are now 18 and 21. Both are studying English at university. Love to all and thank you for great memories!
Alma years: 1976--
Now living in: St. Thomas
March 3, 2004 17:17:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Patrice Hemsworth
Email:patrice %at*
Comments:New "Reunion 2003 pics" can be found in...
Alma years:
Now living in:
Febuary 29, 2004 21:48:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Brenda Reid (McKnight)
Email:brendareidbr %at*
Comments:I understand by the paper that the archives are now open for viewing in St. Thomas. Any one interested may wish to take a look. When I visited the school ten years ago and looked at the grad picutres which were still hanging in the halls, a lot of the pictures were wrong - including mine. Anyone have ideas as to how we can get these corrected. Maybe this could be a project to get some of us back in touch with each other?
Alma years: 1964 - 1965
Now living in: St. Marys, Ontario
Febuary 26, 2004 15:12:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Donnajean Pattinson Griffin
Email:dgriffinn %at*
Comments:Many great memories of Alma - lasting friendships, fun escapades and wonderful teachers like Dr. Watkins and Mrs. Douglas. If you can afford it, send your children (grandchildren) to private schools.
Alma years: 1962-1964
Now living in: Near London, Ontario
Febuary 18, 2004 14:11:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Shelagh O'Connor
Email:shelagh.o'connor %at*
Comments:Sorry I can't make the reunion this year. please put me on the mailing list: (address removed by site administrator)
Alma years: 1963-1965
Now living in: Toronto
Febuary 17, 2004 16:44:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Sharon McKay Kirby
Email:sharonmkirby %at*
Comments:I have once again enjoyed reading the comments from everyone as it has been quite some time since I last visited this site. I am looking forward to the reunion this year. I could not attend last year after the date was changed. I am especially looking forward to the one next year in Trinidad. I am wondering what has happened of late with the Alma property. I hope to see more old girls from my years at this years reunion.
Alma years: 1969 to 71
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
Febuary 14, 2004 13:13:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Christine Anderson
Email:sun4abit %at*
Comments:hi everyone....... This year's reunion is still a ways away.... It would be nice to get lots of ppl there. I think if we communicate on here who is planning to go... we might get a much bigger turnout. I mean I don't want to go if no one I know is there... So lets make it all or nothing..... Alma is in my heart and always will be.... But it was the ppl with me who shared in making the memories.
Alma years: 85 - 88
Now living in: King Township
Febuary 12, 2004 02:59:09 (GMT Time)

Name:Tracey-Lynn Aves
Email:tntsheppard %at*
Comments:I have been looking for this site I would say for 2 years. I move a lot due to being in the military so I have not been able to keep in touch with the people that I went to school with. If anybody has heard from Susannah Daugherty could they pass this a long. It doesn't look like very many people from my time have signed into the Guestbook. Guess I will have to keep looking.
Alma years: 80 - 83
Now living in: Winnipeg, MB for the next year or so
Febuary 8, 2004 20:44:29 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Email:jandeduthie %at*
Comments:Well, I spoke to Brian Squires's father-in-law and despite our conversation, I believe that we can still save what's left of Alma from the wrecker's ball............if you gals are with me then let's start fund raising!!!! See me for details....John (Liza's Brother)
Alma years: Liza 1985--1988
Now living in: thunder bay Ontario
Febuary 5, 2004 02:32:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Joni (Page) Pypka
Comments:I'm not yet on Internet, but am taking a computer course as Fanshawe College, London Campus. This is so exciting I will soon be getting new hardware and going onto the Internet.
Alma years: 1954-55
Now living in: London
Febuary 2, 2004 23:48:37 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Email:jandeduthie %at*
Comments:Liza Duthie Biniaris's older brother.............I have been in contact with Brian Squires about the status quo at Alma (now gutted with pool, gym, and classroom wing et al demolished).........I have proposed to him assisting in marketing / developing what is left of Alma into luxury condos and a housing/business estate..........he would not answer my faxes or return my phone messages...........I will pursue trying to save what's left and make something of it and will write a book about it all..
Alma years: 1985-1988
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
January 29, 2004 02:03:35 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Comments:Liza Duthie Biniaris's older brother.............I have been in contact with Brian Squires about the status quo at Alma (now gutted with pool, gym, and classroom wing et al demolished).........I have proposed to him assisting in marketing / developing what is left of Alma into luxury condos and a housing/business estate..........he would not answer my faxes or return my phone messages...........I will pursue trying to save what's left and make something of it and will write a book about it all..
Alma years: 1985-1988
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
January 29, 2004 02:02:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne Hood Campbell
Email:abuelasu %at*
Comments:"toujours en avant" apparently doesn't relate to my web search skills! but thanks to Helen Houghton, I have just spent some delightful time reading all these comments, and laughing out loud! I'm still in touch with Sallie Winnett (Moore), Laurie Stewart (Pallett). Anne Coates (Schutte) and recently found Sue Parker on AOL! Would love to hear from anyone of my years...and am looking for Susan Wylie, perhaps now Williamson...who was also at Alma from Chile.
Alma years: 1959-1964
Now living in: North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA
January 26, 2004 23:04:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Jane Bell
Email:jane.bell %at*
Comments:I am living in Boston, & return to St T yearly to visit family. Driving past Alma always brings a mixture of memories & emotions, as frankly, the best years of my life have been since I turned 40. I value the friends I made there, & value being impacted by girls who challenged my experiences and ways of looking at the world. I have fond memories of Mrs. Muirison, Miss Bell,Miss Miss Cutler, Miss Neely, and Dr Watkins. Would love to hear from anyone who attended/taught there betw '65-'70.
Alma years: 65 - 70
Now living in: W. Newton, MA
January 18, 2004 05:16:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Wendy (McQuay) Fifield
Comments:Hi girls, Two weeks ago I travelled to Port Stanley for a getaway with friends and we passed through St. Thomas & located the school-my memory was a little foggy. To my surprise it was all boarded up. We wandered around the grounds and took pictures. My husband collected a few bricks for the garden. When we returned home he found this website. I was one of the "triplets" with Liz & Ollie. I am awful with recalling last names. Anyone who remembers those 2 years it would be great to have a reply.
Alma years: 65 - 70
Now living in: W. Newton, MA
January 18, 2004 05:16:06 (GMT Time)

Name:Wendy (McQuay) Fifield
Comments:Hi girls, Two weeks ago I travelled to Port Stanley for a getaway with friends and we passed through St. Thomas & located the school-my memory was a little foggy. To my surprise it was all boarded up. We wandered around the grounds and took pictures. My husband collected a few bricks for the garden. When we returned home he found this website. I was one of the "triplets" with Liz & Ollie. I am awful with recalling last names. Anyone who remembers those 2 years it would be great to have a reply.
Alma years: 1967-69
Now living in: Kichener ON
January 6, 2004 01:48:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Gail Darby
Email:Gailgenealogy %at*
Comments:If anyone has family members that went to Alma College between 1937 and 1939 I may have their photo and autograph. My aunt Margery Darby attended during those years and I inherited photos and memorabilia. If I can pass any of it along to family I would love to, rather than tossing it in the trash.
Alma years: 1937-1939
Now living in: Margey passed away in the 1940s.
December 28, 2003 19:54:05 (GMT Time)

Email:sixt9er70 %at*
Comments:ok i never went there but some friends and i are interested in going to the Alma Ladies College for some research. i was wondering what what the laws are about tresspassign and who to contact about going there and inside ( if that it possible) can somebody please contact me with all the information as i would like to know all i can get before i go there to find i cant go on the property any information would be greatly appreciated thank you Adam
Alma years: never
Now living in: hamilton
December 28, 2003 07:19:35 (GMT Time)

Name:Lea Tenenbaum
Email:lea.ten %at*
Comments:what's this about haunted?? i need to go back to the ouija page
Alma years: 1968-1969
Now living in: New York, U.S.A
December 18, 2003 20:30:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Donna Robertson
Email:donnaro %at*
Comments:Helloooo, I thought I would mention the fact that the reunion for June '04 is going to be in Toronto. It will likely be at St.Mikes on the UofT campus. This will minimize room costs and "Location, location" I think it's early June, so please keep the schedule open, details to follow.
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga
December 17, 2003 20:19:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Jody Docherty McNamaara
Email:jodymcn %at*
Comments:Season's Greetings, Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if there are any plans for a Christmas Gathering in or around theToronto area this year? Remember a few years ago some of us from this area met a the Old Mill. If anyone knows of any gatherings...just say the words. I'd love to get together, again!
Alma years: 1972 - 1975
Now living in: Toronto
December 7, 2003 00:50:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Susann (Wolbers) King
Email:petking %at*
Comments:Just watched a cute movie that is about a girls boarding school. Very "Alma". the title is" All I Wanna Do". (spelled like that.) see if you can rent it.-funny
Alma years: 1966-68 & 70-71
Now living in:
December 1, 2003 03:39:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Susann (Wolbers) King
Email:petking %at*
Comments:New E-mail address
Alma years: 1966-68 & 70-71
Now living in: Spruce Pine, NC , USA
December 1, 2003 03:35:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Clare) McDonald
Email:dirresdev %at*
Comments:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson . . . I was so sorry to read that you had lost both your father and Karen. My great aunt Vera Piercey spoke so fondly of your whole family and I won your father's history award in 1979! Miss the Alma family.
Alma years: 1978-1980
Now living in: Barrie, Ontario
November 19, 2003 20:10:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Julie Braun Kowalewski
Email:julie.kowalewski %at*
Alma years: 1992-1996
Now living in: Grand Rapids
November 18, 2003 02:13:05 (GMT Time)

Name:ana casas
Email:sppb %at*
Comments:hello I would like to contact Cecilia Parlange. We where together in Ltc Ladies College. If someone know something about her please contact me. It was about 1981. Thank you
Alma years: none
Now living in: Spain
October 9, 2003 11:36:59 (GMT Time)

Email:young_crazed_and_peeling %at*
Comments:wow, I finally found a website with Alma College Pictures on it!! the other day i was in alma college roaming around for the 3rd time and it was awesome like the other times, Alma is like, about 4 blocks from my house and it is so awesome to see that St Thomas isnt only known for the railroads and killing a circus elephant...the reason im looking for pics is because when i took pics of it last, all the photos of it were no deal...but im out...
Alma years: none
Now living in: St Thomas
October 8, 2003 00:17:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Rick Addley
Email:addley1 %at*
Comments:I have never attended the college, but i enjoy history and have walked around the grounds at Alma . What a beatiful building . I really hope someone can preserve the building . If anyone has old pictures of this building please E-mail
Alma years:
Now living in: london, ontario
September 29, 2003 14:57:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Louha Pryne
Email:wkeller3 %at*
Comments:Many happy memories of the "art house", Beautiful grounds, International Students, "miss manner lessons", biology, art (and bananna splits!) Looking for Nora Duarte or any contemporaries who know of her whereabouts
Alma years: 1964-65
Now living in: Burlington, Canada
September 23, 2003 01:03:51 (GMT Time)

Email:soolee %at*
Comments:I want to know about ANGELA in the ivory tower please informe me.
Alma years: NIL
Now living in: St. Thomas
September 18, 2003 05:27:03 (GMT Time)

Email:soolee %at*
Comments:i just wanted to let everyone know that the builing has been gutted and all of the property in it has been removed never to be seen again.
Alma years: NIL
Now living in: St. Thomas
September 18, 2003 05:25:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Leanne (Elgie) Whitehouse
Email:leannewhitehouse %at*
Comments:Looking for information from anyone attending Alma in the Late 50's who might remeber my Mother, Donna Houston. She passed away last year and am interested in any information or pictures. Thankyou
Alma years: 84/85
Now living in: Sudbury, Ontario
September 18, 2003 02:16:27 (GMT Time)

Comments:Although I never attended the college(I'm a 27 year old male). My family has always had strong ties to Alma college. My great grandfather was the groundskeeper for many years at the college(Smith). I have seen many pictures and heard many stories over my lifetime. The graduations, crowning of the May queen. I would just like to say it brings a tear to my eye to see the condition the school is in. What a beautiful building. I hope that in time someone will make use of the property.
Alma years:
Now living in: st thomas
September 17, 2003 05:26:46 (GMT Time)

Name:Kaley Dawdy
Email:witnessofall %at*
Comments:It's pritty sad to look at thee building and what's happened to it over the years. All the tennager who have roken into it. It's sad to say that we only remember all of the horrible stuff that happened in the school (most of which are storys) the nto remember how many good girls turned out because of that school
Alma years:
Now living in: St. Thomas
August 29, 2003 17:54:52 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson
Email:suzanneatelgin %at*
Comments:I just received an email david catim saying he got my name from this site, you may have received the same, it's a scam asking for money, be warned, the securities commission gets reports daily from similar things, just hit delete.
Alma years: 1974
Now living in: st. thomas
August 19, 2003 01:00:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Jessica Sweet
Comments:Its sad to see what it looks like now and, what it could have still been. They've knocked down almost all of the college. Thats very sad to know they would do such a thing to something that made History. They should have kept proper care of it because its falling apart and people are still breaking in to cause mischief
Alma years:
Now living in:
August 16, 2003 05:04:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Jessica Sweet
Email:sweeter20 %at*
Comments:I live right behind Alma College... I am very disgraced on what they have done with the college. They should have turned it into a Museum and kept everything there... It would have had such an impact on St.Thomas
Alma years: None
Now living in: Same Place
August 16, 2003 05:01:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Cindy Chan
Email:cchan_ca %at*
Comments:Hi! Just ran into my roommate Flora, and also Gloria after almost 10 yrs. It's great that I found this site. I'm one of the Hong Kong girls, and I was a prefect. Remember guarding chocolate milk during breaktime.
Alma years: 84-85
Now living in: Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
August 6, 2003 20:09:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Sandi (McCaig) Miles
Email:pixhere %at*
Comments:I went to the re-union in Kitchener this year ...I have been waiting ever since to see the pictures that were taken there ...where are they??? anyone know ...was hopeing to see them posted here ...let me know Sandi
Alma years: 1963-4 to 1969
Now living in: London Ont
July 16, 2003 16:15:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Ruth Londry (Lewis)
Email:brlondry %at*
Comments:I was "south" visiting my oldest son who lives in London now and drove over to Alma (June 28th) The daughter and son-in-law of the new owner were walking their dog on the property. I was happy to hear that the building will not be torn down . It is being turned into seniors appartments. The "new"rsident will be a long term facility and the music building a medical clinic. The chapel is also going to be fixed up . It is sad to see the state the place is now though.
Alma years: 1062-68
Now living in: Red Lake (Box 7 Balmertown, ON, P0V 1C0)
July 13, 2003 12:28:42 (GMT Time)

Name:Carolyn Carter
Email:carolyn.carter %at*
Comments:OK. Now I've done my thinking - I bet my year was 1981-82, not the nineties. Oooops. Hope all is well with everyone. I never married - I got a dog instead. Some of my freinds think I made the right choice....
Alma years: 1981-82
Now living in: Listowel, Ont
July 11, 2003 15:43:16 (GMT Time)

Name:Carolyn Carter
Comments:Had to think too hard to remeber what year I was there!
Alma years: 1991/92 (?)
Now living in: Listowel, Ontario
July 11, 2003 15:27:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson
Email:suzanneatelgin %at*
Comments:Attention: Alumni in United Kingdom, Our company is expanding and I'm looking for entreprenuiral women wishing to own their own financial services business in the United Kingdom. Please forward me your email and I'll arrange an interview
Alma years: 1973/74
Now living in: St. Thomas, ON
July 10, 2003 00:12:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson
Email:suzanneatelgin %at*
Comments:If you, or any alumni in the London/St. Thomas area are looking for a career change, please contact me. I'm looking for strong entrepeneurial women who want to own their own business.
Alma years: 1973/74
Now living in: St. Thomas, On
July 10, 2003 00:09:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Lorene Leitch
Email:ronito %at*
Comments:Memories: funny I saw Liza Duthie's post, I remember Liza and Jennifer screaming "AHH NEVER" about every object that disgusted them. Jennifer I remember had this extreme digust of hair, hair on shower tiles, on the floor, on a desk...out would come "ahh NEVER!!". Vaseline on doornobs on April fools, fear of Room 13, wasn't the ghost's name Angela? Christine Anderson please write.
Alma years: 1986-1987
Now living in: Edmonton, Alberta
June 29, 2003 20:14:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Sondra Stewart
Email:sondra_stewart %at*
Comments:Thanks lisqula! Suzanne, sorry to hear of your father's passing. We always thought he looked very dashing in his custom-made Alma plaid blazer.
Alma years: 82-87
Now living in: Woodbridge, Ontario
June 28, 2003 03:43:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Gloria Ashton
Email:gloria.ashton %at*
Comments:I think this site is wonderful!! brings back some beautiful memories.
Alma years: 1962-64
Now living in: London,Ontario
June 26, 2003 18:19:21 (GMT Time)

Email:lisqula %at*
Comments:Christine Anderson's e mail is sun4abit %at*
Alma years: 85-88
Now living in:
June 26, 2003 03:13:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson
Email:suzanneatelgin %at*
Comments:Some of you may remember my father, Chairman of the Board, Frank Sanders, just a note to let you know he passed away March/02 and my sister Karen Sanders attended in the '60's died of cancer May 1/2000 she leaves her 2 children and husband in Australia.
Alma years:
Now living in:
June 25, 2003 15:08:41 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne (Sanders) Ferguson
Email:suzanneatelgin %at*
Comments:I recently met up with Lara (Masur) Leitch and I'd like to thank her for telling me of this web page.
Alma years: 1974 (grade 13) day student
Now living in: St. Thomas
June 25, 2003 15:06:32 (GMT Time)

Email:uekw %at*
Comments:I have to say that Alma is one of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen in Ontario. It dwarfs places like Casa Loma esthetically and historically. I would love to see the place restored to be used for something - anything! Don't just let it sit there and rot! Even in it's vast state of disrepair, the interior still gives away hints of it's past beauty. I sincerely hope that Alma College is spared.... TMC.
Alma years: none
Now living in: K/W
June 24, 2003 02:26:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Sondra Stewart
Email:sondra_stewart %at*
Comments:Christine Anderson! You should post your e-mail! Do you know where Danielle Tedesco is? Does anyone know where Danielle is?
Alma years: 1982-1987
Now living in: Woodbridge, north of Toronto
June 23, 2003 22:52:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Jennifer Muir
Email:jenn.muir %at*
Comments:Anyone wanting pictures of Alma as of June 21, 2003 please e-mail me your address and I will forward you copies via e-mail. Very Sad what has happened to the school. Would anyone be interested in participating in a monthly chat room?
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: Oakville, Ontario
June 22, 2003 23:54:53 (GMT Time)

Name:John Duthie
Email:duthie %at*
Comments:All is not lost for what's left of Alma;a man named Michael Manchester, who works for Elgin County, has proposed a "Reality-based" restoration project to a film network based in Halifax;he has already done something like this successfully; I think that it involved the St Thomas library or city hall; I require a list of the names, email/addresses, and phone #'s of all living Alma "old girls" and former staff members so that I can garner their support via letter to the film co in Halifax.
Alma years: sister Liza (85--88)
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
June 22, 2003 20:44:55 (GMT Time)

Name:margaret e. elia (mabon)
Email:marg_mabon_elia %at*
Comments:I think the site is just fantastic. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time whenever I think of Alma. All the girls I met -- you just never forget them. I always yonder what happened to everyone. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the 2 twin blondes that used to run threw the halls and cause trouble. I've grown up since then..
Alma years: 1972-1974 -grades 9&10 1977-1978-grade 13
Now living in: niagara-on-the-lake. ontario.
June 19, 2003 18:32:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Yvonne Bissoon-Meyer
Email:yvonne_bissoon %at*
Comments:What a great reunion we just had in Waterloo. Thanks to Patrice who did and excellent job hosting and to the other Alumnae executives who fight so hard to keep the memory of Alma alive. I was disappointed that there were hardly anyone from 70/71 but I made some wonderful new friends. I hope that the attendance at the reunion will continue to grow. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Alma years: 1970-1971
Now living in: london, Ontario
June 19, 2003 02:23:01 (GMT Time)

Name:Shirley Marlatt-Plaunt
Email:4ulestat %at*
Comments:The photo that you are asking for a date: I have this photo, not sure where I got it but in the caption under my photo it says 1930's. Hope this helps.
Alma years: Never attended Alma but Love the school anyway!
Now living in: St. Thomas, ON., Canada
June 17, 2003 20:49:24 (GMT Time)

Email:lisqula %at*
Comments:I would love to know who this LORI person is that keeps leaving messages on behalf of Brian Squiers. And why does she not leave her e mail address? Also Christine Anderson should leave her e mail as well.
Alma years: 1987-88
Now living in: NEW YORK CITY
June 17, 2003 17:59:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Paula Shima
Email:paulashima %at*
Comments:"Dear old Alma may we ever look back upon thy glory". Thanks so much for the pictures Donna. They're sad and haunting and will always be with me. Great to see you, Diane, Lynn and others and Miss Neely.
Alma years: 1964-1966
Now living in: New Westminster, BC
June 12, 2003 01:41:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Lianne Lanziner
Email:wolfs_mum %at*
Comments:Sad to see these pictures of a piece of the past. Love to hear from anyone. Sandy Gammon, I believe you mean Bridgett Burtt, Jackie MacIvor, Kirsten Patterson.
Alma years: 84-5
Now living in: Toronto (South Riverdale)
June 11, 2003 20:33:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Donna Robertson
Email:donna_ro %at*
Comments: OK this is better, go to this site (for the next month) then Photo Albums and Alma. Check the Nancy Simmonds site from the last message too. The buildings days are numbered. Alma is still elegant and charming even in her current state of despair. I am proud of her !!
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga
June 10, 2003 16:11:53 (GMT Time)

Name:Donna Robertson
Email:donna_ro %at*
Comments: Gang at staircase and Afew of us from the 60's visited Alma June 7th. Sad but true. If these links don't work, send me an email and I'll send you the pics.
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga
June 10, 2003 14:41:22 (GMT Time)

Name:Judy Lorimer
Email:J_V_21 %at*
Comments:I worked at Alma College for a short period when they first thought they'd open it again. It was so sad to see the state of such a beautiful building. Now as I go past it and see what's happening to it now with it's broken windows, hanging gate, general disrepair and the silly signs posted that really make no sense to me, it makes me want to cry.
Alma years:
Now living in: St. Thomas
June 4, 2003 03:24:13 (GMT Time)

Name:Sandi (McCaig) Miles
Email:pixhere %at*
Comments:Well dang girls not enough space in here for a head down typer I was saying ... I would love to hear from Merridith Clark, Peterborough or Carol McLeod, Sarnia
Alma years: 1964-69
Now living in: London
May 24, 2003 03:10:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Sandi (McCaig) Miles
Email:pixhere %at*
Comments:The years I was at Alma I couldn't wait to get away from there hahaha and who would have thought that now I would have such deep feeling for the place. Now when I wondered the grounds I felt the ghost and spirits of days gone surounding me there. I would love to know if anyone has heard from eit
Alma years: 1964-9
Now living in: London Ont., Canada
May 24, 2003 03:07:49 (GMT Time)

Name:Nazli Hosein
Email:nazlisharma %at*
Comments:Thank you for your diligence and duty to the memory of Alma. Miss Masur do you remember me? I roomed with Anne Jenner?
Alma years: 1972
Now living in: winnipeg manitoba
May 21, 2003 19:55:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Sandi (McCaig) Miles
Email:pixhere %at*
Comments:Wow ...well if anyone remembers me they know I was always late for class so it figures i would be late findint this site *sigh....I have many fond memories of Alma days ...I was a day student -Dobson house so alot of the residient girls may not remember me except that I was alwys in trouble and spent about as muych time in the principle's office as did Dr Sifton. I recently visited the school site :(( well I dont need to tell anyone what a sad experience that was...brought tears to my eyes.
Alma years: 1964-69
Now living in: London, Ont
May 21, 2003 19:02:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Robin Green
Email:robinhawryluk %at*
Comments:What a really great site!
Alma years: 1985-1987
Now living in: Stratford
May 20, 2003 20:38:27 (GMT Time)

Name:Lisa Forwell
Email:lforwell %at*
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: Oakville Ontario
May 9, 2003 22:57:57 (GMT Time)

Name:Lisa Forwell
Comments:What a great sister Kim told me about it today and I had to log on . I am going to email some familiar names and chat. I am living in Oakville, Ontario and am married with 2 great kids 3 and 4. I am running a packaging company and construction company in Kitchener....I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from years 85/86....and I would really like to talk to our math teacher but I forget her name...
Alma years:
Now living in:
May 9, 2003 22:57:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Anne Bartram nee Shepherd "Pick"
Email:Bartram_anne %at*
Comments:Anyone heard from Helen Forman?
Alma years: 1957-1961
Now living in: Salisbury, CT
April 29, 2003 17:00:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Maritza Higuero
Email:darienpty %at*
Comments:Originally from Panama Rep of Panama. I attended Alma College from 1954 and 1955.
Alma years: 1954-1955
Now living in: Miami Florida
April 27, 2003 01:28:46 (GMT Time)

Name:Paula Shima (Robinson)
Email:paulashima %at*
Comments:Diane Ishida - I think an email from you arrived in my junkmail and I accidently erased it. If it was from you, please send again.
Alma years:
Now living in:
April 23, 2003 00:38:26 (GMT Time)

Name:Katherine Blauman
Email:ForretCoolKat %at*
Comments:Where is Linda Chapman, our families had cottages in Bayfield, Ontario. I once dated Linda's brother Eric, cute guy. I remember Diane from Jamaica. Francis, Donna, Barb and Sonja and others if gently nudged. Peace all.
Alma years: 1962-63
Now living in: Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 20, 2003 17:12:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Heather (Reid) Burns
Email:Heather.Burns %at*
Comments:Sorry I can't join you at the reunion this year
Alma years: 1985 - 86
Now living in: London
April 17, 2003 17:20:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Fe Milne (Anderson now)
Email:trinidad %at*
Comments:I attended Alma from 79-80 if my memory serves me right or around there somewhere. I now live in Bend Oregon, USA. I have 4 kids , 20,15,14 and 12. I married for the 2nd time to a wonderful man that I met here in Bend. My entrie family lives here in Bend except for my 20 year old. She stayed in Trinidad with my ex. I run a radiology department at the hospital here in Bend. It's a small town of 60,000 and I love it here. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me,
Alma years: 78 or 79- 81 I think
Now living in: Bend, Oregon, usa
April 10, 2003 00:23:33 (GMT Time)

Name:Paula Shima nee Robinson
Email:paulashima %at*
Comments:I was so excited to find this site and so sad to find out what was happening to the school. I was in Carmen and Dobson and good friends with Betty and Diane Ishida. Would love to hear from them or anyone else who remembers me.
Alma years: 1964-1966
Now living in: New Westminster, BC
April 9, 2003 02:07:12 (GMT Time)

Name:Monika Meder
Email:monika.meder %at*
Comments:It has been a long time since I've heard from Alma College. It feels good to see some familiar names. I wonder what ever happened to Mary Archer. Has anyone ever heard from her again? Fe - finally I can get in touch with you through Laura. I still live in Venezuela, "a little crazy these days, but it's home". Being a full time bilingual executive secretary and mom of two children (Sedine 14 and Alan 12), keeps me quite busy. Whoever remembers me please write soon.
Alma years: 1979 - 1982
Now living in: Carcas Venezuela
April 5, 2003 14:53:29 (GMT Time)

Name:Christine Anderson
Comments:15 years and still I remember. It's nice to be able to read familiar names. We may tell our stories and share our memories but for some reason, it is only Alumnae who truely understand what Alma was all about. :>
Alma years: 1985 - 88
Now living in: King City, On
March 26, 2003 23:43:03 (GMT Time)

Name:Grace Clooney (McMurachy)
Email:g.clooney %at*
Comments:So many years ago... and so many good memories! Alma left such a good impression on me that I sent my own daughter to boarding school. Her stories about school are much like Donna Robertson's. Full of fun and intrique... but, no swords through the wall though! I recently spent the afternoon with Diane Ishida after not seeing her in 38 years. The years just melted away and we were right back in Carman House. Does anyone have any news from Pat Laws (Georgetown)?
Alma years: 1961 - 1963
Now living in: Caledon, ON
March 25, 2003 20:27:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Annette Bennett (nee Alwart)
Email:netski %at*
Comments:I would so much like to be in touch with all my old friends. I have been trying to find rosa elena rosado rabelo for some time. anyone who remembers me please e mail or visit. we are only half an hour from london. hope to hear from you! I have such fond memories of you all
Alma years: 1980-81
Now living in: Walton on Thames, Surrey, England
March 24, 2003 20:16:58 (GMT Time)

Email:untoperfection %at*
Comments:"The fate of Alma" Everyone should be confident that the building will remain. Brian Squires only applied for demolition to see if the Mayor would keep his word. LONG STORY. Anyway the building is sound according to inspectors and no demolition will be taking place. Hope this all will ease your minds.Lori
Alma years: 0
Now living in: St. Thomas
March 21, 2003 13:33:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Patrice J.S. Hemsworth
Email:patrice %at*
Comments:Hii there everyone.... The reunion committee is gearing up for the final preparations of "Reunion 2003". Please note the reunion will be held at the Waterloo Inn - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on June 7, and 8, 2003. If you have any questions about the reunion please don't hesitate to contact me at patrice*at* In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you in Waterloo on June7th !!!
Alma years: 1986-87
Now living in: Listowel, Ontario, Canada
March 20, 2003 16:27:39 (GMT Time)

Name:Ruth (Lewis) Londry
Email:brlondry %at*
Comments:I have a new e-mail and would love to here from anyone from my days at Alma.
Alma years: 1962-68
Now living in: Box 7, Balmertown ON, P0V 1C0
March 18, 2003 01:06:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Pat (Elliott) Ruhl
Email:ruhler %at*
Comments:Hi Everyone: Just wondering is there a specific date for this reunion in June? I have not been able to find it anywhere. Thanks.
Alma years: 1964- 1966
Now living in: Southampton, Ontario
March 16, 2003 13:07:34 (GMT Time)

Name:Sonia J. Blaylock nee Hrynkiw
Email:sblaylock %at*cogeco. ca
Comments:Correcting last name
Alma years: 1962-1963
Now living in: St. Catharines, Ontario L2N 1C7
March 14, 2003 22:49:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Carol (Phippen) Keller
Email:cekelle %at*
Comments:Hi to all of my Alma friends. I visit St. Thomas often and just hate to see what is happening to the college. Would love to get incontact with any of the gals in my years. I think of you all often and wounder just where everyone is. Life just seems to be rolling by too quickly and the older we get the more we realize that there are some things we missed doing and this is one of them. Looking forward to hearing from any of you in the near future.
Alma years: 1956 - 1959
Now living in: Sarnia, Ontario
March 14, 2003 19:06:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Ari Conleth
Email:zoolibnzib %at*
Comments:Today I explored the college grounds with my friend. Even though it has been defaced by graffiti, the windows are all busted, and most entrances are boarded up, it is so beautiful. When we stepped over the train tracks into the yard, it immediately began to snow lightly, like magic. We weren't yet alive when the college was alive, but it's so old and glorious, it was as if we were remembering things that never happened to us. Please will someone tell us what it was like? We would be so grateful.
Alma years: N/A
Now living in: St. Thomas
March 9, 2003 05:14:15 (GMT Time)

Name:Marion Davidson Jagger
Email:rjagger %at* or mandofe %at*
Comments:Would love to contact all those special girls from the late 50's - so sorry about the fate of Alma but at least we have the memories - some great, some good and some horrid. Poor Mrs. Sifton - no wonder she turned grey early. Have just returned to Wpg. to live after 22 years in Calgary. Any news of Susan Parker, Susan O'Donnell or Holly Cunningham?
Alma years: 1958 - 60
Now living in: Winnipeg, Manitoba
March 6, 2003 07:44:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Debbie Stocking
Email:dstocking %at*
Comments:I was shocked to hear about the fate of Alma when my sister called me the other day to tell me the news. I moved out to Calgary almost 5 years ago, along with the exodus of everyone else in search of employment. I still keep in contact with 3 others from Alma, who still live in London, Ontario.
Alma years: 1986-1987
Now living in: Calgary, Alberta
March 2, 2003 01:20:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Kaley Dawdy
Email:sweet_chicker %at*
Comments:Hi I'm Kaley and I'm 15 years old. I'm very interested in Alma College and would like to know more about the building and it's history.
Alma years:
Now living in:
March 1, 2003 03:05:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Liz Rorabeck (Guyer)
Email:leezard %at*
Comments:My husband, Darren, discovered this site last night - very exciting! Thank you to those who got it up and running. I have been thinking about "Dear Old Alma" a lot lately - CBC, Ontario Morning did a bit on it last month, have been back to see it since. It was a nice surprise to see so many familiar names on here. I look forward to the June Reunion to see some of those faces. Till then...take care. P.S. Disney movie "Mister Headmistress" filmed at Alma (Mr. Pretty's class, chapel, pool)
Alma years: 1985-1988
Now living in: Woodstock, Ontario
Febuary 27, 2003 01:53:38 (GMT Time)

Name:Catherine de Montbrun
Email:catherinedemontbrun %at*
Comments:Hi to everyone. I was so pleased to find out that "we" have a Website! After leaving Alma College, I returned to Trinidad and Tobago and subsequently became an Elementary School Teacher. In 1993, I moved to the USA and studied nursing and now hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I am single (no children) but I spend a lot of time with my sister's kids who also live in Greenwood. I would love to hear from anyone who attended the college from 1985-86! God bless!
Alma years: 1985-86
Now living in: Greenwood, South Carolina, USA
Febuary 22, 2003 01:10:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Marylou James (Nee Mason) "LOU"
Email:pjames007 %at*
Comments:Have only just found the website. This is great. Hope to hear from old friends.
Alma years: 1956 - 1959
Now living in: Barrie, Ontario.
Febuary 12, 2003 21:15:55 (GMT Time)

Name:Kathy (Bisch) Dewar
Email:alandkathy %at*
Comments:WOW! Am so happy to have found this website. Good to see some familiar names. Brought back some very fond memories. Look at my yearbooks occasionally & wonder about everyone.... my old roomie - Cherie Griffiths, classmates & partners-in-crime - Jill/Jody Docherty; Maude/Manon Huot; Rosmin from Bermuda; oh! so many... the Vargas sisters from Colombia. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Alma years: '69-'74 I believe
Now living in: Kitchener Ontario
Febuary 8, 2003 00:58:23 (GMT Time)

Name:Sol Hane
Email:muyuvi %at*
Comments:I was remembering my days at Alma, and I'm looking for Joany Lyons from Wellsborough, Penn. and Carmen Logothetis from St. Thomas. Does any of you keep in touch? If you were at Alma during this time, please send me an e-mail to remember....
Alma years: 1952-1953
Now living in: Tel Aviv, Israel
Febuary 1, 2003 14:14:40 (GMT Time)

Name:Suzanne Legg (Speich)
Email:suzulegg %at*
Comments:Hi Everyone and anyone, hope you are all healthy, wealthy and wise! I currently live in Mississauga (Clarkson) with my husband and three children, a 16 year old who goes to Landmark East in Nova Scotia, an 8 year old and 6 year old girl. I work at the Western Hospital as a nurse when the urge hits me.
Alma years: 1974-1978
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
January 29, 2003 16:45:00 (GMT Time)

Email:untoperfection %at*
Comments:Recently a group of us met with Brian Squires and his wife Kathy. They shared the vision of Alma College. He has no intention of demolishing the building. There is a petition going around St. Thomas as the city wants to put the new nursing home in the industrial area and we want the nursing home at Alma. We want the city to back up the plan Brian Squires has for Alma... IT WILL SAVE ALMA AND SAVE OUR ELDERLY! We need at least 10,000 signatures. Anyone out there who can help!
Alma years: None
Now living in: St. Thomas, Ontario
January 27, 2003 03:43:51 (GMT Time)

Name:jackie (beaubien) barlow
Email:jbarlow1946 %at*
Comments:Kattia Barros from Bogota Colombia - are you out there! Lost contact with you several years ago - your letters were returned marked "unknown" to hear from you
Alma years: 64/65
Now living in: Chatham, Ontario
January 20, 2003 21:29:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Mrs. Lara Masur Leitch
Comments:If you are concerned about St. Thomas city council possibly issuing a certificate for the demolishing of our dear Alma, please e-mail Mayor Peter Ostojic at mayor %at* today, Jan.20/03
Alma years: 1970-88
Now living in: London
January 20, 2003 14:40:45 (GMT Time)

Name:Mrs. Lara Masur-Leitch
Email:highlandwoods %at*
Comments:News Update on the College. This past week the International Executive attended a meeting at St. Thomas City Hall where Mr. Brian Squires gave a passionate speech/ plea to ask City Council to partner in saving the College. Unfortunately, they did not decide in his favour and so our "poor" colege's future will remain in limbo. Mr Squires can continue to search for a partner or sell to another individual who has already very successfully restored the St. Thomas Courthouse. Time will tell.
Alma years: 1970-1988
Now living in: London
January 17, 2003 16:44:11 (GMT Time)

Name:Mario Riekert
Email:mrschlosser %at*
Comments:Iīm srching for Linda Deluca and Katherine Billard from Sudbury 20 years ago.
Alma years:
Now living in:
January 16, 2003 11:58:30 (GMT Time)

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