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Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I have just read a copy of the St. Thomas Times-Journal "Extra" outlining Brian Squires' palns for Alma. Indeed they are lovely & appear to restore & utilize current facilities. What needs to be done is the people in St. Thomas must let the city council know that they must support his plans & expect the council to do so as well. They could also attend council meetings on 6 & 13 January at 7:00 p.m. Let's hope the City of St. Thomas opens its eyes. Who is John S.D.Duthie & why is he interested?
Alma years: 1963-1965
Now living in: Toronto, ON
  December 31, 2002 18:46:57 (GMT Time)



Name: John S.D. Duthie
Email: duthie %at*air.on.ca
Comments: PLEASE HELP US SAVE ALMA!!! The man who currently owns the Alma College campus is Brian Squires.....he could profit approximately 5 million dollars by leveling the buildings and sub-dividing the property.....BUT HE IS COMMITTED TO PRESERVING THIS ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE AND GORGEOUS PIECE OF LAND !!! If you loved your years at Alma please contact me via email NOW and I will forward you the latest news release THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE!! EMAIL ME TODAY!!! Your voice is crucial!!!
Alma years: there are only months left for her.............
Now living in: please contact me today!!
  December 28, 2002 00:40:11 (GMT Time)



Name: Ruth Londry
Email: brlondry %at*nwconx.net
Comments: Does anyone know where Susan Smith who was at Alma from 1962 - 1967 is. I roomed with her for two years and would love to get in touch again.
Alma years: 1962-1968
Now living in: Balmertown On
  December 20, 2002 00:51:43 (GMT Time)



Name: Beth (Rice) Guindon
Email: beth.guindon %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Great site! Lots of fun reading the notes from the old days. I remember smoking out the tower windows, thinking ourselves so clever, until Betty found the mountain of butts on the snow! Planting pot in the Dean's flower pot on her desk. Watching her face in the tilted mirror from third floor as dummy went sailing over the railing! Unfortunately, the dummy was wearing my Oxfords, clearly labelled with my name. Hanging at the Chinese restaurant in town, which closed mysteriously at odd times
Alma years: 1968-70
Now living in: Field, ON
  December 19, 2002 03:26:04 (GMT Time)



Name: Amanda
Email: gurl_15_2001 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I admit about 5 years ago from today I broke into Alma College, I wish I could have gone to suck a beautiful place. I saw the indoor pool the enormous gym, the chapel which I was too afraid to go in. Beds were still in some of the rooms and the labs were still filled with all the equipment. We soon discovered the autotoriumy outside. I was very sad to see the owners tearing down parts of it. But it was very unsafe, i guess.
Alma years: Didnt attend. I am only 16 years old
Now living in: Montreal,quebec
  December 10, 2002 21:03:59 (GMT Time)



Name: Cathy Sims (Boone)
Email: tom.sims %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I wrote earlier this year that I was looking for Jill Higgins from 1985-1986 .I am asking again if anyone has information on how I can find her can you please e-mail me. When she left school Jill left something behind and I would like to find her so I can return it. Thanks for anyone who can help.
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: Brantford,Ontario
  November 27, 2002 13:59:18 (GMT Time)



Name: Roxanne Steuer
Email: roxie_bugler %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Hi, I am a high school student from London, Ontario and I am writing to ask if anyone has any information. I am wondering why the school shut down and then was to become a nursing home but is no longer becoming one. Whats going on with the school? I also am curious to know if there were any deaths in the school? Thank you!
Alma years: N/A
Now living in: London, Ontario
  November 25, 2002 20:48:59 (GMT Time)



Name: Susan Robinson
Email: SusanR %at*programmer.net
Comments: I was thrilled to find this website, and sad to realize that Alma's site has been destroyed. Surely old buildings like that should be preserved. Although it seems like yesterday, I notice notes from only a few who were there before my time at Alma. Would love to hear from anyone from "my time," I remember Mrs. Deering, Dean Sifton, and our nurse, Miss Evans, as well as my schoolmates. I even have my yearbook.
Alma years: 1952-1953
Now living in: Pleasanton, California
  November 23, 2002 00:25:08 (GMT Time)



Name: Patrice J. S. Hemsworth
Email: patrice %at*hamsworthins.on.ca
Comments: Yikes... it's almost been 15 years since i've had the red blazer on.... Like most of you, it's been sad to see the school in poor condition, but judging from the comments in the guestbook, we've all had lots of great memories! Just a reminder, that the reunion plans are in motion for "Waterloo 2003".... I'm hoping to see all of you in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on June 7 and 8, 2003... Take care... PJSH (Alma College Reunion Chair 2003/04)
Alma years: 1986-87
Now living in: Waterloo, Ontario
  November 13, 2002 18:28:53 (GMT Time)



Name: Susan Rawlings
Email: GraySeal %at*aol.com
Comments: Love the site! Has anyone heard from Ann Stockwell or Susan Bouchard? I saw Cathy Greer about 10 yrs ago. I have recently caught up with Pearl Koncz. She was only there a few months due to a weekend escape followed by several days in the infirmary until her parents could come get her.Would love to hear from anyone from that time.
Alma years: 1968-1970
Now living in: Venice, FL
  November 1, 2002 13:25:48 (GMT Time)



Name: Diane (McCrady) Wastle
Email: dwastle %at*magma.ca
Comments: Great site! Reading all the comments brought back so many fond memories. I'm now doing grad studies in Linguistics at Carleton U., also teaching English for Academic Purposes to International students at Carleton. Daughter Devon is now 25, and a professional classical soprano in Montreal. Fond thoughts and greetings to all, especially my singing pals!
Alma years: 1966-67
Now living in: Ottawa (Manotick), Ontario
  October 29, 2002 18:44:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Ruth (Lewis) Londry
Email: brlondry %at*nwconx.net
Comments: I was just told about this site today from Linda Grimwald-- what a treasure. It brought back lots of memories (especially Donna's comments). Sister Sharon (Lewis) McDonald is living in Cambridge Ont.
Alma years: 1962-1968
Now living in: Balmertown, Ont. (near Red Lake )
  October 24, 2002 00:43:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Maria Alexandra RIvero
Email: riverohermann %at*hotmail.com
Comments: It was great to find this page. I am married for 14 years and have three kids. Working in an Embassy in Caracas. I would love to know about Cecilia Parlange and Angelica Espada. If anyone knows about them, I will really appreciate to contact me. If any of you two see this page send me an e-mail as soon as possible, I can hardly wait to hear from you.
Alma years: 1980-81
Now living in: Caracas, Venezuela
  October 12, 2002 03:32:42 (GMT Time)



Name: Marylee Mustor (Pereira)
Email: shalee %at*cariaccess.com
Comments: Hi, everyone, I went looking for Alma and and its a nice suprize to see all of you. I know every one from my years at alma , must be saying I wonder is she still getting into trouble??HA Not anymore. After leaving alma i went to university in Florida and have a Bsc. Computer Information Systems. I worked for 9 years in Trinidad, then in 1996 got married to a Barbadian , have 2 children Shane 5 and Emilee 3.5 and now live in Barbados.
Alma years: 1980-1983
Now living in: Barbados
  October 10, 2002 17:22:52 (GMT Time)



Name: Gwendolyn Snelgrove Lee
Email: glee %at*quadro.net
Alma years: 1948-1949
Now living in: London Ontario, Canada (formerly lived Toronto)
  September 29, 2002 17:46:38 (GMT Time)



Name: Marilyn (Wehrhoff)Walker
Email: marwe %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Great site-enjoyed reading the memories. Anyone still standing from my era?Roomed with Donna Gilbert. Love to hear from anyone from my years.
Alma years: 1957-58
Now living in: Pincourt,Quebec.
  September 17, 2002 17:24:07 (GMT Time)



Name: Cathie Hughson
Email: cghut %at*shaw.ca
Comments: I didn`t have a clue that the old place has been closed down for so mant years what a sad end to a great institution.I`m just glad our group never burnt the place down.
Alma years: 1978/79 I think
Now living in: Winnipeg
  September 9, 2002 20:48:16 (GMT Time)



Name: Heather (McGavin) Kelso
Email: kelso %at*quadro.net
Comments: Hi everyone! Just found this website - its so awesome to think back to Alma years! I've been trying to find my old roomate Gabriella Chavez - but with no luck. If anyone knows where she is - please email me. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope to hear from you soon.
Alma years: 1986-1987
Now living in: Woodham, ON (near London)
  August 26, 2002 19:53:10 (GMT Time)



Name: azucena mora pérez
Email: ultreia %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I was so happy at Alma... I went there from Venezuela , in spite now I live in Spain. I remember Luisa Salas, yolanda Marciacq, María Sánchez, Yolanda Conti, Gladys Varela ..with love.. Hay, are you there????
Alma years: 1953-58?
Now living in: La Coruña, Galicia,Spain (First in Venezuela -1973
  August 21, 2002 10:48:56 (GMT Time)



Name: Sandy (Gammon) Beno
Email: res0qqic %at*verizon.net
Comments: How I miss those days! What great memories and what a shame our friendships haven't continued. Would love to hear from everyone. Kim Statia, Shelaugh Bull, Vicky Thompson. Virginia Daw, Sue Swindell, Bridgett ?, Jackie (Rod Stewart)?, Kirsten, Jan Strathdee, etc...
Alma years: 1980-1984
Now living in: St. Petersburg, Florida
  August 18, 2002 17:59:52 (GMT Time)



Name: Lee (Currie) Ouellette
Email: lee.ouellette %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: It is with regret that earlier today I tendered my resignation to Barb McCallum. Currently I am VP of the Alumnae, "Contact Us" respondent and interim President of the GTA/GH Alumnae Branch. I am no longer able to give the Alumnae the energy or time required. Thanks to everyone who was so helpful to me over the last eighteen months! Please get in touch with Barb if you feel you want to take on any of the duties I have vacated.
Alma years: 1980-1982
Now living in: Oakville, ON
  August 16, 2002 18:11:45 (GMT Time)



Name: JoAnne Carter nee Postle
Email: backfortyfl %at*juno.com
Comments: I would love to hear from anyone in "my" time frame.
Alma years: 1946 to 1950
Now living in: Barbados
  August 12, 2002 12:38:13 (GMT Time)



Name: Sondra Stewart
Email: sondra_stewart %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Hi John. I ~think~ the Heritage Foundation designation only protects the exterior of the building from material changes. While the owners do not appear to be maintaining the outside, (from our drive-bys, certainly) they haven't altered it, per se. I think they can gut all they want, sadly, and there is little in the way of legal recourse available with respect to the Heritage Designation. .
Alma years: 82-87
Now living in: Woodbridge, Ontario
  August 10, 2002 01:05:13 (GMT Time)



Name: John S. D. Duthie, BA., LL.B., BEd.
Email: duthie %at*air.on.ca
Comments: continued........I had understood that Alma College was a protected, Ontario Heritage Foundation, site. I fully intend to investigate this horrible state of affairs and to take the individuals to task who are responsible for this desecration of a beautiful work of architectural art, and marvelous institution, heaped in tradition, which so positively influenced my sister's life.
Alma years: n/a
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
  August 9, 2002 18:00:38 (GMT Time)



Name: John S.D. Duthie
Email: duthie %at*air.on.ca
Comments: My sister Liza attended Alma from 1985-88. I found out about Alma for her while attending Huron College / Western. A fellow Bar Admission Course student (in London, back in about 1990)informed me that his mother was heading up the re-opening of the college. I am outraged and deeply disturbed to hear about the gutting and partial demolition of Alma, from Liza who recently visited her old alma mater. How could this have happened??!! I understood that Alma was a protected, Ontario Heritage Fo
Alma years: n/a
Now living in: Thunder Bay, Ontario
  August 9, 2002 17:47:57 (GMT Time)



Alma years: 1986-88
  August 6, 2002 02:15:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Lara Leitch / Miss Masur formerly
Email: highlandwoods %at*rogers.com
Comments: Hello everyone - For a message and photos of the 2002 Reunion please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AlmaCollege2 This is open to anyone. Correction to Ann Leeson's message. The chapel is intact. Boards are covering the stained glass windows. Hopefully someone will buy and restore the College soon.
Alma years: 1970-88
Now living in: London Ontario
  July 1, 2002 18:02:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Sondra Stewart
Email: sondra_stewart %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Thanks to the lady that described the physical state the College is currently in - I will avoid trying to go see it. I am married, and am a chartered accountant and chartered business valuator, working in Forest Hill. Love to hear from anyone from the old days - sure has been a while!
Alma years: 82-87
Now living in: Woodbridge (just north of Toronto)
  June 24, 2002 22:10:46 (GMT Time)



Name: Pilar Carchi
Email: pilar31416 %at*hotmail.com,pilar_andrieu %at*yahoo.com
Comments: I would like to get in touch with ladies that might have known my aunt Graciela Carchi Lopez, from Ecuador, South America
Alma years: 1948-1952
Now living in: Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
  June 21, 2002 18:41:41 (GMT Time)



Name: Laurie Wade-Smith (Beacom)
Email: waterspabs %at*juno.com
Comments: Memories!...reading the guestbook brought back lots.... how I continually skipped breakfast, just to have a few more minutes of shut eye, and getting up at 5 am just to have hot water for my shower (and then went back to bed), Pickering dances, the trip to Toronto with the art class to see King Tut....could go on all day!!! I am presently living in California, married with 3 beautiful children. I am a earth activist and study Goddess Spirituality...would love to hear from anyone :)
Alma years: 1979-80
Now living in: Redlands, California
  June 7, 2002 19:15:33 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Over the holiday weekend, I was in the St. Thomas area & stopped off to see "our" Alma. Well, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the state of our dear old school. The gym is gone, all stained glass windows in the chapel have been removed & replaced with plywood & most windows in the main building have been left open to the elements & animals. All the lovely magnolia trees are gone. It is just disgraceful what the past owners have done. Well, at least we have our memories!
Alma years: 1963-1965
Now living in: Toronto, ON
  May 27, 2002 22:05:41 (GMT Time)



Name: Sonia J. Blaylock nee Hrynkiw
Comments: I can not believe this site. Just signed on to the net. I am doing very well and living back in St. Catharines, Ontario. Trying to locate Carol Taylor from Hornpayne, Ontario. Kathy Blauman and Donna Robertson were my roommates for a short time. Roommate Heather Campbell has passed away a number of years ago. I will leave my E-mail address when I set it up later.
Alma years: 1962-63
Now living in: St. Catharines, Ontario
  May 17, 2002 21:04:05 (GMT Time)



Name: Steve Perfect
Email: stevep %at*millergroup.ca
Comments: There is no current listing for the family on that street. I just found your web page and was curious if you have information on your alumni. If you have any contact information on Lisa could you get in touch with her to contact me at this e-mail address. I would love to solve this mystery.
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  May 16, 2002 20:41:50 (GMT Time)



Name: Steve Perfect
Email: stevep %at*millergroup.ca
Comments: I was one of "the chosen" St Thomas boys on the blind date committee's list back in the mid 1960's. I escorted a student named Lisa Bulmer to a formal and then was invited to visit her at her family's home in Etobicoke during the Christmas break. It was my first time in Toronto (small town boy in the big city). The lived on Royal York Road. Ten years ago I moved into the same area and have been intrigued to identify the house of that first visit to Toronto
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  May 16, 2002 20:40:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Lisa ( Hasmatali ) Ramkissoon
Email: lisa_mcs %at*hotmail.com
Comments: It is really great renewing friendships.I would love to hear from you all.I would really like to get intouch with Lois Whittaker, Jane Fennema and Shirley RobinsonThey were staff members who really touched my life.What about Mr Brokenshire's family? Does anyone have an address for them?I am Married with 2 sons...ages 19 and 15.I have my own business selling paints and a lots of related items...to enhance the home.I am anxiously awaiting your emails.
Alma years: 1977-1980
Now living in: Trinidad, West Indies
  May 10, 2002 14:08:21 (GMT Time)



Comments: I would never forget: The chocolate cookies and milk that turned us into a breed of cows, the embarassement for not going to the proms for being to ugly for a date, the fake smoking permits, the food fights at the dining room, hiding mattresses or soaking them in the bathtubs, the vaseline and baby powder attacks at midnight, hiding under beds in a friend´s room after 10:00 p.m., running from Mrs. Kendrick´s, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Chandler, confinement in room 13. I will always love these memories.
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  May 8, 2002 18:40:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Marilyn (Housley-Merritt) Taylor
Email: marilynbobtaylor %at*aol.com
Comments: Just found web site (thanks to Mary Virginia Towers). I hope there are some other oldies out there that I can communicate with.
Alma years: 1951-52
Now living in: London, Ontario
  May 8, 2002 11:41:44 (GMT Time)



Name: maria contogonas
Email: mariacontogonas %at*yahoo.es
Comments: janis baby, I almost freaked out when I visited this page and found you here. I hope you are doing great. My life down here is pretty cool, I couldn´t make it as a Prime Minister, but I think I am doing OK as a Lawyer. Fighting for Justice in countries like this, can be quite complicated, but I love it., I have discovered that superheroes fight for justice because they are millionaire. Write me, E mail me, whatever, I want to hear from you. Luv always.
Alma years: 1982-1985
Now living in: calle uzlar 92-41, trigal centro, valencia, venezu
  May 5, 2002 17:20:12 (GMT Time)



Name: maria contogonas
Email: mariacontogonas %at*yahoo.es
Comments: I am dying to hear from Miss Massur, Nadia Lebana, Zobeida Kuri, Marisol Mejido, Morgana Crewe, Heather Hopper, Claudia Cano and Elisa Gutierrez and all my goombas from those years. I am a full time lawyer in my country, married to a lawyer, mother of a two year old girl. My most precious memories were the times lived in those three years at Alma, where nothing mattered but friendship. I would like to know where is Deniss, our Economics teacher.
Alma years: 1983-1985
Now living in: calle uzlar, 92-41, trigal centro, valencia, venez
  May 5, 2002 17:13:23 (GMT Time)



Name: maria contogonas
Email: mariacontogonas %at*yahoo.es
Comments: the best years of my life were in Alma College
Alma years: 1982.1985
Now living in: calle uzlar, 92-41, trigal centro, valencia, venez
  May 5, 2002 17:05:52 (GMT Time)



Name: Wendy Nock
Email: wendynock %at*hotmail.com
Comments: A few Trinis from our year get together every so often, especially when Jacqui Lyons visits from New York and we reminisce about Alma Days. I am still single, lead a very social life and travel a lot. I work as an Exec. Secretary at an Engineering firm and have invested in some real estate which keep me busy. Would love to hear from anyone, especially Sonia Dickey who I've lost touch with.
Alma years: 1982-83
Now living in: 72 Fairways, Maraval, Trinidad, W.I.
  May 3, 2002 19:42:26 (GMT Time)



Name: Geral Billinghurst
Email: gbgerbil %at*aol.com
Comments: 'Kudos' to Mary McLintock, Lee Ouellette and all for organizing a delightful afternoon at The Doctor's House in Kleinburg today!
Alma years: 1969-'72
Now living in:  
  April 28, 2002 22:19:46 (GMT Time)



Name: Brenda Sears
Email: bsears %at*airtransat.com
Comments: Hi to everyone from my years! Looking forward to hooking up with more of you. Had a good time at the November luncheon. Will be attending this Sunday's brunch too! Living in Toronto with my boyfriend...single, no kids but 3 cats!!!, loving my job at Air Transat...just got back from Cancun for the weekend! Life is good! It's a shame Alma is no longer...hated to see the decay when I went back to visit it a couple of years ago, ..but we keep it alive with our memories!
Alma years: 74 to 78
Now living in: Toronto
  April 24, 2002 15:12:58 (GMT Time)



Name: Ruth Greenbury (mickie)
Email: r_greenbury_lynch %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I would love to hear from any old classmates. I still see Yolanda Marciacq and Elizabeth Bertram . Would love to hear from others. I am a nurse and work in Novi, Michigan.
Alma years: 1955-1959
Now living in: Howell, Michigan
  April 21, 2002 20:26:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Dianne Woeller Steinke
Email: diannes %at*457woolwich.ca
Comments: Spent wonderful years at Alma. My best friend at the time was Anne Leeson. My sister and cousins also attended Alma They are Maryanne Woeller,Judy and Frances Miller. Enjoyed reading everyones memories!
Alma years: 1963-1965
Now living in: Guelph.Ontario.
  April 12, 2002 19:09:56 (GMT Time)



Name: Lesley Ammon Scott
Email: tash176 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I truly enjoyed my years at alma. What agreat experience to meet girls from many different countries. What fun we had hiding from the house mothers when we got up to lots of mischieve like raiding the kitchen late at night especially when there was a great desert that day. What about the great talent shows and the dances. WHAT MEMORIES! Iwill always treasure. Iwish all visiting this site all the best. I have 3 kids girl12, boy 9 and girl 2, allgreat joys in my life. Love to hear from you.
Alma years: 1982-1984
Now living in: 40 Stratmore Avenue Glenco TRINIDAD W. Indies
  April 9, 2002 22:45:03 (GMT Time)



Name: *Julia Margetts
Email: justin_T_girl %at*hotmail.com
Comments: My school St.Joes just put on a play called Alma's Ghost and i was just wondering is Alma College haunted and if it's open for a tour? If anyone has this information please e-mail me thanks
Alma years:  
Now living in: St.Thomas
  April 3, 2002 21:02:18 (GMT Time)



Name: Connie Boone (Amy)
Email: bcboone %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: My daughter Cathy Sims told me she saw this site & encouraged me to view it & I'm glad I did. Although there are not many from my years, it's still nice to hear about them. I am married to a wonderful man38 years coming up in June. We have three grown children, David, Monica & Cathy (both the girls attended Alma) & 7 really wonderful grandchildren. I am employed as a Medical Secretary &have work for this family physician for 23 years. I recently met up with Judy Hahn(Milton).
Alma years: 59-63
Now living in: Paris, Ontario
  April 2, 2002 05:04:29 (GMT Time)



Name: Marcelle d'Abadie Martinez
Email: joelmart %at*carib-link.net
Comments: It was great to get this letter frm Lee Currie Ouellette and learn about the Alma website, it brought back lots of great memories and names. Sorry I can't attend the 20 yr reunion. I'm married for the past 11 yrs and have 3 girls 9, 6, and 2. I own and operate a craft and souvenir store in a mall. I see some old Trini Alma girls on a regular basis but would love to hear from others in our year. It sure was a great year.n
Alma years: 1981-1982
Now living in: lot 22 Moka Gardens, Maraval. Trinidad. W.I.
  March 29, 2002 19:03:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Monica Figueiredo ( Boone)
Email: figueiredo4880 %at*rogers.com
Comments: What a great site! Cudos to those who set it up. I'm married with 2 children 5 1/2 yrs.and 3 yrs . Working as a paediatric nurse so won't be able to attend reunion but maybe next time!! Look forward to hearing from old friends.
Alma years: 1981-1985
Now living in: Etobicoke, Ontario
  March 28, 2002 21:53:18 (GMT Time)



Name: Cathy Sims (Boone)
Email: tom.sims %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Hi gals, what a great walk down memory lane. Life has been good for me, I have a great husband and 3 great kids Cody 6, Sarah 3, and Ryan almost 2. I am a full time mom and also run my own home day care. Would love to here from any girls or staff from 1985/86 and I am also looking for Jill Higgins so if anyone can help please contact me.
Alma years: 1985/86
Now living in: live in Brantford, Ontario Canada
  March 28, 2002 16:58:08 (GMT Time)



Name: AnneLeighThomas
Email: anneleight %at*hotmail.com
Comments: What a trip down memory lane!! Nora where are you? Remember the Christmas formal when we hid behind the backdrops and created some trouble?How about those shopping trips to London? I am the Head of the Moderns Dept at Grimsby Secondary School. Teaching French and Spanish . I have been doing lots of travelling and would love to hear from some old friends.
Alma years: 1980-1982
Now living in: St.Catharines
  March 28, 2002 04:19:31 (GMT Time)



Name: Yvonne Bissoon
Email: yvonne_bissoon %at*yahoo.ca
Comments: It is great to feel connected again with all of you from Alma . Special thanks to Lee for taking time to email me.I am looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new friends. Originally from Trinidad.
Alma years: 1970-1971
Now living in: London Ontario
  March 26, 2002 17:23:26 (GMT Time)



Name: Gail Knights Pinna
Email: gailp %at*cadvision.com
Comments: Would love to find classmate like Pat Cann and Katy Gallagher from our fun one year at Alma
Alma years: 1958-59
Now living in: Calgary, AB
  March 26, 2002 16:55:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Tianne Gammon Sweat
Email: sweat %at*ij.net
Comments: It was great to find this site. It brought back all kinds of memories from years ago. I hope to get in contact with some old friends and renew relationships. I'm currently living in Florida. I've been married for seven years to a great guy and in October of last year was blessed with a baby boy. He is my Pride and Joy! Hope to hear from some old friends soon.
Alma years: 1979-1981
Now living in: St. Petersburg, Florida
  March 25, 2002 16:18:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Suzanne LeeKam Galt
Email: suzanne_galt %at*hotmail.com
Comments: What a pleasant surprise to receive this letter from Lee Currie,and to find this website. It sure brings back alot of great memories. I'm back living in Trinidad after getting my degree in Languages from McMaster University. I have been married for the past 11 years and have three wonderful children- Joshua 9years, Megan 5, and Erin 6 months. I see old friends from Alma days here in Trinidad and we love to reminisce about the good old days. Miss Masur, I would love to hear from you. It's great h
Alma years: 81-82
Now living in: Trinidad, W.I.
  March 21, 2002 21:34:54 (GMT Time)



Name: Jody (Docherty) McNamara
Email: jodymcn %at*rogers.com
Comments: Hi there Alma girls! Well I'm back on the website and I never get tired of reading the Alumnae Guestbook. It's wonderful to hear how everyone is doing these days. I have enjoyed getting together with old girlfriends/teacher at the reunions/brunches Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the Spring Brunch. QUESTION - Does anyone know where I can get an Alma Blazer? I cannot find my blazer and it is driving me mad! Any information as to how I might replace it, please contact me. Thanks
Alma years: 1971 - 1974
Now living in: Toronto (Beach)
  March 20, 2002 17:57:50 (GMT Time)



Name: Linda Cheung
Email: fabulous_duchamp %at*yahoo.ca
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful website. I saw those names here and then I remembered those faces ... wow, those memories ... yes, I am one of those HK girls who cook instant noodle with our rice cooker in our room in the middle of the night ... :o)
Alma years: 1982-1984
Now living in: Richmond Hill, Ontario
  March 10, 2002 23:58:07 (GMT Time)



Name: Caroline Cormier
Email: luvergurl175 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I am a 16-year-old girl and obviously have never attended Alma College. I thought it was interesting to stumble across this website--and read about the people that actually attended the college. Recently our school has entered a drama festival with a play based on Alma College. We were able to take a walk through what remains, it's such a shame. However, withing a few of us, it sparked the idea that WE could make a difference. We could help renew this beautiful, historical building.Any thoughts?
Alma years: None
Now living in: St. Thomas
  March 5, 2002 22:25:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Judy (Hutton) Bentley
Email: judybentley %at*shaw.ca
Comments: Hi everyone, I attended Alma for 3 years and have some great memories. Anyone remember the time Janie Kamin bought a chicken and kept it in her closet, took it for walks on a string??? Keep the email going and who knows someday we may all get together, would be great.
Alma years: 1959 to 1963
Now living in: Kelowna, British Columbia
  March 5, 2002 06:46:39 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Memories? I remember Vaseline on Mrs. Seaman's toilet seat & the water running for 30 min. next time she went in, I remember running IV tubing out the window so we could smoke in the room, I remember drilling holes through walls, taping outside door locks, yelling "F--- you, Kentner" on the tennis court as Dr. S. was showing a prospective parent around! Great Memories!
Alma years: 1963-1965
Now living in: Toronto
  Febuary 26, 2002 01:24:13 (GMT Time)



Name: Janis Strathdee
Email: jalind1 %at*netcom.ca
Comments: looking for Sonya Parmer, Martine, Paty De La Rosa, Maria Contogonas
Alma years: 80 something
Now living in: just outside London
  Febuary 16, 2002 02:07:08 (GMT Time)



Name: Lara Leitch / Miss Masur
Email: highlandwoods %at*rogers.com
Comments: Girls : Just to let you know that if you want/need a replacement Alma Grad Ring, please contact Mr. Charles McLean, our Birks man in Mmontreal at 1-800-758-2511 ex 2417 to order. Gold 10 k ring-$480 ; Gold 14 K ring - $610 ; Silver ring - $185. All Canadian funds. Hope this helps those in need..............Best Wishes, LL
Alma years: 1970-1988
Now living in: London, Canada
  Febuary 12, 2002 22:07:09 (GMT Time)



Name: Christine (Folberth) Burck
Email: ChristineBurck %at*t-online.de
Comments: Hi everyone! Since my last entry has been a while ago I thought I might enter another one. In the meantime I have started furhter specialization in handsurgery and also moveds to another city within Germany. You can see my new address below. I was divorced a year ago but now I am engaged happily again and will probably marry this year. I would love to hear from all my classmates.
Alma years: 1982-1984
Now living in: Germany
  Febuary 8, 2002 15:40:35 (GMT Time)



Name: Sharon McKay Kirby
Email: sharonmkirby %at*hotmail.com
Comments: So many names from the past. I went on a school trip with my son a few years ago and during which found out that his teach was an Alma girl. Upon our return we found out the teacher in next class also an alma girl. all from different eras. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, married with three boys, one of whom is married and will present us with first grandchild this summer. I have not kept in touch with anyone of late, but did for a time with Cathy Lycett and Jackie Orr.
Alma years: 1969 to 71 (I think)
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
  Febuary 2, 2002 22:48:16 (GMT Time)



Name: Susan Fearnside Scholefield
Email: ferner10 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I have a problem that perhaps someone can help me with . 2 years ago I had my jewelry stolen to include my gold signet ring from grad at Alma. As the school is no longer in existance, does anyone know who made the rings or where they can be purchased? the name of the company that made them should be on the inside band. If anyone can help me out please email me at my email address so I can follow up. Thank you for your help.
Alma years: 1970 - 1972
Now living in: Scottsdale, Arizona
  Febuary 2, 2002 22:34:22 (GMT Time)



Name: Brenda McKnight (Reid)
Comments: site is what Alma is really all about - not stone and mortar - real people, real friendships. Isn't it great. A big thank you to whom ever started this web site.
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  Febuary 1, 2002 13:54:24 (GMT Time)



Name: Brenda McKnight (Reid)
Email: brendareidbr %at*execulink.com
Comments: What a great web site. Everything Donna Robertson is telling you she did, SHE DID!! Does anyone know where Edna Rudd is? I went to Bogata for her wedding in 1967 and we kept in touch for a number of years, then my letters were returned undelivered. I have two sons - 33 and 30 and a daughter 29. Two grandchildren and one on the way. I have a real estate company in London and have visited the old school several times over the past five years, the last time was very sad to see but this web
Alma years: 1964-1965
Now living in: St. Marys
  Febuary 1, 2002 13:51:01 (GMT Time)



Name: Lee (Currie) Ouellette
Email: lee.ouellette %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Circle your calendars -- the next Toronto (and area) Alumnae gathering will be held on Sunday, April 28th. If you did not attend the last event in November and are interested in coming out this time, please send me an e-mail and I'll gladly forward all of the details! Hope to see many of you there.
Alma years: 1980-1982
Now living in: Oakville, ON
  January 30, 2002 16:29:58 (GMT Time)



Name: Barbara ( Bandeen ) Toomer
Email: mbjtoomer %at*execulink.com
Comments: Well ,well , well it seems that you can take the girls out of Alma but can't take Alma out of the girls . Yes l also had some wonderful times at the old place . Remember smoking in the tower rooms and using baby powder to cover the smell or the water balloon fights or trying to drive our studyhall teacher crazy . I'm sure our house mothers would have thought we were the crazy ones . Anyway l'm married with one daughter age 10 . Also l have been in the restaurant biz , chef for the past 20 years.
Alma years: 1975 - 1978
Now living in: Strathroy Ontario
  January 23, 2002 02:31:22 (GMT Time)



Name: Cindy Corbett( Young)
Email: YoungCindyY %at*aol.com
Comments: I only attended Alma for a very short period. Got in lots of trouble and than left to go back home. I really missed my home town (Oakville) and was glad to go back to my neighborhood high school. I am now living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a beautiful7 year old daughter and i am in sales. I would love to hear from anyone i went to school with, especially a girl i roomed with from Tampico, Mexico. Her name was Angelica Espada.
Alma years: Got in quite a bit of trouble!
Now living in: Charlotte, North Carolina
  January 22, 2002 18:51:33 (GMT Time)



Name: Mary Alice (Houle) Towns
Email: petmat %at*pipcom.com
Comments: I keep in touch with Lynda (Knight) Curtis and Kathi (Zarfas) Outram. Husband passe away in July 1999 and remarried in Aug. 2001. Have a 24 year old son. Many fond memories of Alma. Snowball fights from the upstairs music rooms. Water ballons dropped from the front windows. Great times. Looking for Jane Binkley and Martha Gladman
Alma years: 1963 - 68
Now living in: Peterborough
  January 22, 2002 13:18:11 (GMT Time)



Name: Lana Hagel
Email: nabob85 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Awesome guestbook! Reading the letters caused memories to come flodding back. Since leaving Ont in '82, life took off. 20 some yrs later I'm a RN, and loving it. I Thank Mrs. Ambrose; it's because of her that I'm in a career that I love.My son is 16; I have yet to figure out how time travels so quick. Planning a return to Ont in April; it's time.
Alma years: '80-'82
Now living in: Castlegar, B.C.
  January 15, 2002 19:22:54 (GMT Time)



Name: Roberta (Drinnan) Bernett
Email: rgbernett %at*yahoo.com
Comments: What wonderful memories I carried away from Alma. And how often the training I received there stood me in good stead through the years. I adored Mrs. Deering, admired Mrs. Sifton, have joyous memories of friends and liked all my teachers except a male teacher who taught our fencing classes....I was back in Canada in 1990-91, living in Hamilton, called the school planning a visit only to discover it had been shut down. What a shame!
Alma years: 1951-1952
Now living in: Riverside, California
  January 14, 2002 01:38:18 (GMT Time)



Name: Peggy (Sault)Truscott
Email: bot2 %at*rogers.com
Comments: Hi everyone, this is amazing. My sister Barb who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has just told me about this and I want to say hi to all of you . I have 3 daughters 28, 26,&22 at various stagesin their lives and all doing well. I live in Toronto with husband and 2 dogs. Its great to see all the familiar names. I will definitely tell Anne Wadland about this and continue to check in. oh yes and I also keep in touch with Felice Hubbard. Cheers. Dear old Alma!
Alma years: 1965-66
Now living in: Toronto
  January 14, 2002 00:50:36 (GMT Time)



Name: Cathy Robertson
Email: CateRobertson %at*aol.com
Comments: Hi Everyone, I just found this site and was sorry to learn I missed the 100th birthday celebration this past June. Patty Courts Kirby and I are still best friends. Does anyone know wher Jackie O'Rourke is? I lost track of her after my second marriage. My sister Nancy Robertson is now living in Tennessee. Patty had her fiftienth this September and Cheryl Anne came all the way from Bermuda! Where are Cathy, Zoe, Verity and Jennifer these days. Sorry we never got a cake 'cause of my room!
Alma years: 68/69
Now living in: Ancaster, Ontario
  January 13, 2002 21:30:53 (GMT Time)



Name: Karen (Kate) Brown
Email: kbrown %at*aol.com or WWW.KATEBROWN.ca
Comments: Thankyou to Lee Ouellette for letting me know about this site. It is wonderful that the legacy of Alma history is being looked after with such care. The site brings back so many memories-wondering about Liz MacArthur, Beth Turner, Merry Clarke, Vickie Gibbard? I would love to hear from anyone in my year and please visit me at my website www.Katebrown.ca. Very best wishes to all. Kate (changed it from Karen to my nick name many years ago)
Alma years: 68-69
Now living in: Toronto
  January 13, 2002 19:39:25 (GMT Time)



Name: Jennifer Muir-Clarke
Email: leigh_jennifer %at*hotmail.com/jlmcareers %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Just a short note to say hello to everyone. Send me an e-mail to say hello anytime.
Alma years: 85-86
Now living in: Markham, Ontario
  January 13, 2002 18:02:20 (GMT Time)



Name: Katie McIlwraith (LYNCH)
Email: yoyobobomore %at*aol.com
Comments: Just stumbled on to this web page - so wonderful to see all those familiar names. Sorry I missed the reunion....but I was in the midst of GETTING MARRIED!! Yes June 2nd to the most wonderful man! Very happy with a career in Design and Construction with a major Franchising Company in Oakville. Can't wait to hear from you -
Alma years: 1980 - 1983
Now living in: Mississauga
  January 12, 2002 16:19:33 (GMT Time)



Name: Katherine (Blauman) Forrest
Email: ForrestCoolKat %at*aol.com
Comments: Hmmm, let's see, it was Donna Robertson who sent me this web site and we have only recently gotten in contact with eachother, like yesterday. I am a wild woman, mother of two sons grown and on their own. Working for the first female Attorney General of NM, I have an office with a view of the Monzano Mtns. in Albuq. I am also a graphics artist in business for myself and can do web design and everything else from ads to books. 25 years in the field. I moved to New Mexico only 6 years ago.
Alma years: 1962-63
Now living in: an adobe house in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  January 6, 2002 17:06:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Miss Masur/Mrs.Lara Masur Leitch
Email: highlandwoods %at*rogers.com
Comments: Hello Alma girls.......especially those from Miss Bone's years. We now have an alternate site with scores of photos for you to enjoy either taken by me or given to me of Alma life and girls. More importantly, this free site is FOR YOU TO ADD your favourite photos and messages for us to enjoy. The site is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AlmaCollege Have fun......LL
Alma years: 1970-1988
Now living in: London, Ontario, Canada
  January 5, 2002 15:42:30 (GMT Time)



Name: Donna Robertson
Email: donna_ro %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Does anyone out there belong to the Classmates web site? In order to get your classmates email address you have to be a "Gold Member" which costs around $30US a year. If anyone joins, let us know so we can get addresses from you, please and thank you. Perhaps, if you are a member, give our Alma website address to the Alma people on the Classmates site. There are a lot of Alumnae there who haven't signed in here.
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  January 5, 2002 15:22:08 (GMT Time)



Name: Donna Robertson
Email: donna_ro %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Remember:The pooh-pooh cushion used constantly in a bathroom stall until someone brought Miss Hazelton to the scene. Balling up newspaper and filling a room to the ceiling when that person was away for the weekend. The fishing line message system between my room in Ryerson East and Mary Adams in new res. Those ridiculous May Day dances that Lynn Pattinson refused to participate in. Pounding on the floor during Bonanza intro.Flipping off lights in fusebox in order to steal more cookies at night.
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga
  January 5, 2002 03:51:49 (GMT Time)



Name: Pat (Elliott) Ruhl
Email: ruhler %at*bmts.com
Comments: Remember plastic wrap stretched over the toilet bowls; turning all the hot water taps on when someone was in the shower; throwing basins of cold water over the cubicle when someone was taking a hot bath; Barb W. in her yellow swamp coat stopping traffic on Ross (?) Street telling the drivers she was trying to get her junior traffic directing badge; trips to sidestore - loved those hotdogs on a hamburger bun! Any producers out there? The Facts of Life T.V. show had nothing on us.
Alma years: 64-66
Now living in: Southampton also known as Saugeen Shores
  January 5, 2002 01:29:51 (GMT Time)



Comments: Turning out the lights on choir practices, wading in the goldfish pond, waterballoons out the front windows, plans to snatch Mrs.Seamans wig, dragging matresses up the back stairs for slumber parties, around the drawingroom in 80 seconds (not allowed to touch the floor), clapping out the window for Miss Bone sitting on pillows taking driving lessons, putting those stuffed birds all around the school (Owl in the library), selling seats in the chapel to new students, and on and on ...
Alma years: 60's
Now living in:  
  January 4, 2002 15:16:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Donna Robertson
Email: donna_ro %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Remember: Riding on those boxcars, smoking on the roof,sneaking between rooms in Warner via the windowsill, knives hidden under diningroom tables till there were none left, choc pudding that wouldn't fall out of dish even when shaken upsidedown, cherry bomb in powderfilled tennis ball, taking gonger out of bell, slamming all doors in bldg at 11pm, could go on and on, what fun! Lets hear your stories.
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga, ON
  January 3, 2002 14:36:21 (GMT Time)



Name: ???
Comments: Remember: Riding on those boxcars, smoking on the roof,sneaking between rooms in Warner via the windowsill, knives hidden under diningroom tables till there were none left, choc pudding that wouldn't fall out of dish even when shaken upsidedown, cherry bomb in powderfilled tennis ball, taking gonger out of bell, slamming all doors in bldg at 11pm, could go on and on, what fun! Lets hear your stories.
Alma years:  
Now living in:  
  January 3, 2002 14:34:08 (GMT Time)



Name: Lynda J. Alexander
Email: omnuc16 %at*yahoo.com
Comments: This website opens a window of memory; Lynda Robertson, Monica Paabo, freight cars at the edge of the school grounds, a drug raid after church, stashes of marijuana buried, winning the shotput contest, mouldering stuffed birds, the Debating Club with Mrs. Muirson, Swan Lake, throwing a pillow dummy down the stairwell to scare the housemothers,driving lessons with Mr. Findley, SAT's in London, friends and friendly people. Viva Canada. Viva Alma College.
Alma years: 1969-1970
Now living in: San Antonio, Texas 78222
  January 1, 2002 00:54:49 (GMT Time)



Name: Lisa Bancroft
Email: amouellic %at*telus.net; ebancroft %at*sd43.bc.ca
Comments: What a great idea to get this page going! I wish I was closer to attend reunions but I haven't been in Ontario for about 20 years now! Would love to hear from old friends or other BC Alma Girls. I've still got that blazing blazer!!
Alma years: 1972-74
Now living in: New Westminster, B.C.
  December 20, 2001 04:44:21 (GMT Time)



Name: Lynda J. Alexander
Comments: I spent an interesting year at Alma College, and graduated with a diploma from the place. Many years and changes have taken place, but I sometimes dream about Alma College. After graduation I returned to New Jersey, and eventually relocated to Texas. I currently work for the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at Brooke Army Medical Center. I obtained a B.S. degree from Southwest Texas State College in anticipation of going for a law degree, but I decided the field was too crowded .
Alma years: 1969-1970
Now living in: San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.
  December 19, 2001 15:11:48 (GMT Time)



Name: Donnajean Pattinson
Email: dgriffinn %at*yahoo.com
Comments: There are other Alma alumnae at www.classmates.com. They are listed by year and it is free to sign up but you have to pay to get people's email addresses.
Alma years: 62-64
Now living in:  
  December 13, 2001 19:19:44 (GMT Time)



Name: Donnajean Pattinson (Griffin)
Email: dgriffinn %at*yahoo.com
Comments: I keep in touch with Cecelia, Ann, Nancy,Janet, & Mary.
Alma years: 62-64
Now living in: a fog
  December 13, 2001 19:16:04 (GMT Time)



Name: Miss Masur / Lara Leitch
Email: highlandwoods %at*rogers.com
Comments: Hello again...... I wanted to add that Tania McLeod-Yu, a published poet, has agreed to look after the Alma branch in Australia.. I am currently looking for girls in Mexico, Trinidad, Japan, British Columbia and Windsor, Ontario who would be willing to start Alma branches and make the spirit of Alma live again. If interested, Please e-mail me. Thank you. LML
Alma years: 1970-1988
Now living in: London, Ontario
  December 8, 2001 17:13:01 (GMT Time)



Name: Miss Masur / Lara Leitch
Email: highlandwoods %at*rogers.com
Comments: Kudos to Lee Currie Ouellette and Marusia Iwasykiw Znacko for hosting the rebirth of the Alma College Toronto Branch held Sunday, November 25th at the Old Mill in Toronto. Good food but even better company. It was a delight to see so many of the girls turn out and catch up on what has been happening in their lives. A special salute to Doris Wong , V.P. at the Dresdner Bank Group in Hong Kong , who has agreed to start the Hong Kong branch. to
Alma years: l970-l988
Now living in: London, Ontario
  December 8, 2001 17:04:52 (GMT Time)



Name: Mary (Adams) Kilborn
Email: not available yet
Comments: My address is 50 Thorncliffe Rd. Simcoe, ON N3Y 4V7 Ph.519-426-4297. Hello to everyone! I have 2 children, both in University and I am a widow. I was talking to Donna Robertson and she told me about this web site. Love to hear from anyone of my era.
Alma years: 1965-66
Now living in: Simcoe, ON
  December 6, 2001 14:16:29 (GMT Time)



Name: Mary Alice (Houle) Towns
Email: petmat %at*pipcom.com
Comments: Hi - anyone between the years 1963 and 1968 are welcome the contact me Mary Alice Towns (Houle) at the following e-mail address - petmat %at*pipcom.com.
Alma years: 1963 - 1968
Now living in:  
  December 4, 2001 03:10:10 (GMT Time)



Name: Katharine Duke
Email: kay.duke %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Heard about this site at the 'Alma' alumnae brunch on Sunday, Nov.25 at the Old Mill - wonderful time had by all!! Wish more from my class had been there... Gen Stevenson came with, Lorrie Peltier would have but fell ill =( Nice to see some familiar names have also found the site - Keep in touch!!
Alma years: '84 - '87
Now living in: Parkdale - Toronto
  November 28, 2001 01:45:10 (GMT Time)



Name: Christina (Adlys) Thomas - Tiina
Email: tinadlys %at*hotmail.com
Alma years: 1984-1988
Now living in: Kitchener, Ontario
  November 21, 2001 16:32:10 (GMT Time)



Email: cater2stars %at*hotmail.com
Alma years:  
Now living in: Toronto
  November 20, 2001 14:49:39 (GMT Time)



Name: Marilyn Langstaff
Email: mrlangstaff %at*webtv.net
Comments: Hi: Where is everyone from the 1950's? I was so glad to discover this website. Brings back a lot of memories. I would like to hear from anyone who attended Alma when I was there. I drove by the old building last summer, and it still looks pretty much the same.
Alma years: 1955 - 1956
Now living in: Atlanta
  November 15, 2001 01:44:09 (GMT Time)



Name: Barb (Woods) Mantha
Email: manbar %at*shaw.ca
Comments: Thanks Pat for telling me about this great website. It sure brings back fond memories. I have often heard about the reunions and have been envious I live so far away. I would love to hear from anyone from 64-66. I am a widow with two daughters and one grandson. I work part-time in the local library system and have just started my own business which is a dream come true.
Alma years: 1964-1966
Now living in: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  November 13, 2001 21:45:06 (GMT Time)



Name: Pat (Elliott) Ruhl
Email: ruhler %at*bmts.com
Comments: This website is great. Thanks Donna for letting me know about it. I'm married to Barry Ruhl (a St. Thomas boy). We have one son and we are retired living in Southampton. I keep in touch with Donna Robertson, Frances Miller, Beth Shouldice and Barb Woods. I loved my years at Alma. As the kids say today, it really rocked! Would love to hear from anyone from 64-66. I lived in Ryerson West my 1st year with Frances Miller. Second year Warner.
Alma years: 1964-1966
Now living in: SOUTHAMPTON, Ontario
  November 10, 2001 19:45:26 (GMT Time)



Name: Donna Robertson
Email: donna_ro %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Lynda Knight and I are enjoying a visit. Keep in touch with Pat Elliott, Lynn Pattinson, Francis Miller, Laurie Stewart JP. Love to hear from anyone who was not a prefect! Have 2 girls in University and no husband. Someone must organize a summer reunion, maybe July in Toronto??? Thanks for maintaining this web site! Where are Anne Wadland, Debbie Collie, Peggy Sault, Marianne Sussex, Linda Chapman, Allyson Fawsett, Sharon Handleman, Christine McLauchlin, Melanie Allen etc.
Alma years: 62-66
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
  November 6, 2001 05:26:48 (GMT Time)



Name: Lynda Knight Curtis
Email: b.w.curtis %at*worldnet.att.net
Comments: Donna Robertson, Alma 1962-66 and I just discovered this website, what a great idea. We have been catching up, and decided to see if anything on the web. We have been keeping in touch for years, talked to Mary Alice Houle, Laurie Stewart, this visit to Canada.Would love to hear from fellow Alma girls.
Alma years: 1965-68
Now living in: Apex, North Carolina
  November 6, 2001 05:02:20 (GMT Time)



Name: Doris Wong
Email: wong.doris %at*dresdnerrcm.com.hk
Comments: Appreciate the efforts of those who make this web site available. My two years at Alma has been a memorable one. I become what I am because of all the things that I have gone through. I am grateful to everyone who shared the two years with me. I am ready to do whatever I can to support the alumni.
Alma years: 1984-1986
Now living in: Hong Kong
  October 29, 2001 16:08:52 (GMT Time)



Name: Jane (Casselman) Whitt
Email: JaneEWhitt %at*aol.com
Comments: Finding this website made my day. I laughed, I cried and I can't find my year books. I feel 1000 years old, so many names sound familiar, but a picture sure would help. I was married for 24 years but gave that up several years ago. I have one daughter and granddaughter. I remember Mary Alice Houle, Diane Black, Mary Gibb, Marianne Sussex and Sue McClatchie. Hope to hear from a few of you. Just found a few pictures, remember May Day and the May Maidens?
Alma years: 1963-65 ???
Now living in: Dublin, Ohio
  October 23, 2001 22:05:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Christine (Monteith) Bain
Email: christinebain %at*home.com
Comments: This web site takes me back .I lived in Sifton residence.Would love to here from Mrs Masur-Leitch
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Ottawa Ont
  October 17, 2001 20:01:09 (GMT Time)



Name: Nancy Goldhar
Email: nancy.goldhar %at*gowlings.com
Comments: YIKES!!!!! I just happened onto this page by accident. Sad to see that few of my peers from my years have found the website yet. What does anyone hear about Cynthia Archer, Joan Eastwood, Wendy Jones, Jane Arthur? I had no idea the place was closed. What happened? Anybody know if any of the old matrons are still around? Is the old Rendezvous Restaurant still alive and thriving in St. Thomas (frequented when not in detention)? Any way of getting hold of any of the old teachers?
Alma years: 68,69 and 70
Now living in: Toronto, Ontario
  October 17, 2001 19:44:04 (GMT Time)



Name: Christine (Monteith) Bain
Email: christinebain %at*home.com
Comments: I think of the school often and it takes me back to a very happy time. I would like to here from Mrs Massur Leitch.
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Ottawa
  October 17, 2001 12:50:11 (GMT Time)



Name: Alice Tseng
Email: alice.tseng %at*morganstanley.com
Comments: Cannot believe there are a Alma College Alumni Webpage, this is wonderful! I have lost touch with all my friends there, but not the good memories. I've lost the graduation photo book between moving, therefore no way to track anybody or even remember all the names. If anyone could e-mail me some of the names / e-mail addresses that are still in close contact, would be great. Keep in touch
Alma years: 1974 - 1976
Now living in: Hong Kong
  October 12, 2001 01:46:27 (GMT Time)



Name: Diana Rencsak (Traynor) (Yank)
Email: rencsak %at*ismi.net
Comments: What did they do with the beautiful Chapel window? I am married an live on a horse farm in Michigan, We have two daughters, 16 & 11. My career has been in Information Technology. Does any one know what happened to Patty Proudfoot, Micki Markham, Wendy Lloyd, Liz VanAtter, Mary Oddette. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!
Alma years: 1969-1972
Now living in: Howell, Michigan
  October 11, 2001 20:15:10 (GMT Time)



Name: Verona Gibbins
Email: vgibbins %at*home.com
Comments: WOW! I've just looked through this site and read the guestbook, and can't decide if I've laughed or cried more. Waves of very happy memories have washed over me, but also pangs of sadness too. I've been very negligent in keeping in touch, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. "Dear old Alma, may we ever look back upon thy glory."
Alma years: 79/80
Now living in: St. Catharines
  October 10, 2001 06:16:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Leanne (Elgie) Whitehouse
Email: leannewhitehouse %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: What a fantastic site! Its a pure pleasure to read all the notes from everyone. Although my time was short at Alma my memories and thoughts have lasted over a decade now. Alma the building maybe gone the the soul of the place lives on in all of us.
Alma years: 1984-85
Now living in: Sudbury, Ontario
  September 25, 2001 01:47:35 (GMT Time)



Name: Susan (McCorquodale) Tettenborn
Email: ms.tett %at*home.com
Comments: What a great time I had at Alma (after I got over my homesickness). Glad to get in touch with Linda Sargent again. Have always kept track of Barb Christie, Mary Lynn Mooney and Janet Bond. Don't see too many names from 1964-66. I have a son (married and expecting their first child) and daughter and my little granddaughter who has just entered kindergarten and is loving it!!
Alma years: 1964-1966
Now living in: Vernon, BC
  September 17, 2001 16:49:21 (GMT Time)



Name: Laura Milne
Email: sls %at*bendcable.com
Comments: Nostalgia brought me to this web site. Sure happy I did. Its great to see all the familiar names. I moved to Bend, Ore in 1989, after graduating in 1987 from Lynn University with my BSc, wouldn't Mr.Prettie be proud. Dentistry is my profession. My sister Fe' also lives here. I have 4 children Victoria 10, Alexandra 7, Catherine 3, and finally a son Sean 9 months. Bend is a long way from Trinidad, W.I but it is now home. Would love to hear from all my schoolmates 80-83. Love Laura
Alma years: 1980-1983
Now living in: Bend, Oregon
  September 5, 2001 08:16:45 (GMT Time)



Name: Barbara (Christie) O'Brien
Email: obrien %at*e-stella.net
Comments: Hi to all Alma grads! I still stay in touch with Lauren Styffe, Margot Dennison and Susan McCorquadale(who was just in a bad car accident, and I'm sure would like to hear from some of you). I am married, teach in jail, and have 3 beautiful granddaughters...a 3 year old and 3 month old twins! Anybody ever hear from Kay Turnbull? I'd love to get in touch with her. I look forward to hearing from any of you who were at Alma when I was.
Alma years: 1964-65
Now living in: London, ON
  August 27, 2001 22:52:04 (GMT Time)



Name: Judy Piggott (Iussa)
Email: jdpigg %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Hi everyone. Got a letter from Lee the other day to my parents house. I'm so glad because when I went to this site I could't believe how many names I remember. I wish, however, that I could forget its been 20 years! I'm 'Married with Children' who are 7 & 5. Would love to hear from friends from my 3 yrs at Alma. Hope to see you next year at the reunion.
Alma years: 81-83(I think)
Now living in: Lindsay, Ontario
  August 26, 2001 20:36:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Zobeida Kuri Ugalde
Email: zobeidak %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Hello you guys!! How could i ever forget those marvelous days at my dear Alma. I still can hear the bell ringing in the morning, the chapel, my room and all my friends from Alma. Lots of pretty memorys go through my mind every day and i would like to share them with the girls i meat at Alma. Love all. Zobeida [zobiña = ) ] p.s. If anybody knows something about Maria Contogonas, please let me know.
Alma years: 1984 - 1985
Now living in: Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo. México
  August 14, 2001 03:27:46 (GMT Time)



Name: Virginia (Spence) Rushton
Email: rushton %at*gate-way.net
Comments: Wow, an Alma website! Who woulda thunk?! It was fun reading all the comments in the guestbook and trying to put faces with the names after all these years. I am back in my home town of Listowel, Ontario, have a 16 year old son, Jeremy and work for a lawyer.
Alma years: 1970-72
Now living in: Listowel, Ontario
  August 6, 2001 12:35:16 (GMT Time)



Name: Pili Sanchez
Email: pilar_sanchez_baird %at*hotmail.com
Comments: How wonderful to read all the comments of alumnae from Alma College. I am from Bogota, Colombia but have been living in the States for 29 years. I'm married for a second time to a wonderful guy , I have 2 daughters 27 and 29 years old and have recently become an American Citizen. I would really want to hear from anyone who graduated in 1960 or 1961. I have found two good friends but would like to hear from some more. All the best to you Alma Alumnae.
Alma years: 1959-1961
Now living in: Maitland, Florida, USA
  July 23, 2001 21:18:25 (GMT Time)



Name: Marilyn Tracy Sammut
Email: sammut %at*nelsonbay.com
Comments: Had a great reunion with Shirley Scarrow in Australia last year and would look forward to hearing from anyone else who was at Alma the year I attended. I came from Saskatchewan and have lived in Australia for over 30 years.
Alma years: 1954 - 1955
Now living in: Fingal Bay NSW Australia (2 hours north of Sydney)
  July 21, 2001 02:26:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Mary McClintock
Email: mem %at*attcanada.ca
Comments: I attended Alma College 62-63 and roomed in the third floor tower room with my roommate Rebecca Feldman from Colombia, South America. I have such fond memories of my days at Alma and the friends I had for the year I was there. I remember Nora Holmes from London and the white streak in the front of her hair, Sonia from St. Catherines, Gail Harrison from Lambeth and Jane Hall from Detroit. Each of these girls having such different ways but so memorable.
Alma years: 1962-1963
Now living in: Georgetownl Ontario
  July 20, 2001 02:22:11 (GMT Time)



Name: Jane Hymel (Bower)
Email: hymelj %at*home.com
Comments: It was great to find this web site. Nice to see that even though Alma isn't what it use to be the girls are. Does anyone know where Joan Eastwood is now? I would love to hear from some of the old grads.
Alma years: 1970 - 1972
Now living in: Vancouver, British Columbia
  July 18, 2001 01:44:50 (GMT Time)



Name: Joyce Sanderson(Jesch)
Email: RSS %at*globalserve.net
Comments: I am very excited to have connected into this website.(Thanks to Stacey Roberts).I am married and living in Milton. We have a 9 year old son, Gregory.I hope to connect with some of the girls from my year at Alma. Please connect if you are out there.
Alma years: 1975-76.
Now living in: Milton, Ontario
  July 14, 2001 15:19:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Michele Lee-Lung Chan
Email: mechan %at*tstt.net.tt
Comments: I got a kick out of seeing this Alma website, my year with Alma was very memorable in more ways than one, would be nice to keep contact with some of the girls from the year that I was there, Elizabeth Wong from Hong Kong and my roommate Cindy Chan and many others. I have been married for eighteen years and have two kids, 17 year old son and 12 year old daughter living in Trinidad.
Alma years: 1975-1976
Now living in: Trinidad, West Indies
  July 12, 2001 01:17:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Monika Boreham
Email: monika5324 %at*home.com
Comments: Just want to say hi to all the remember me,, expecially Tianne Gammon & Shelly Sharpen. Hope all is well with everyone. Sorry that I couldn't make it to the reunion , would have LOVED to see the old place & bring back some "OLD" memories ;) Divorced with 1 son 9 . Now living with another man & we are all very happy. Drop me a line & let me know how u all are doing
Alma years: 1975-1981
Now living in: Ottawa.Ont
  July 9, 2001 19:07:25 (GMT Time)



Name: Lydia Gray
Email: lydia_gray %at*canadalife.com
Comments: I just want to say Hi to anyone who remembers me. Hope all is well with everyone.
Alma years: 1986-87
Now living in: Toronto Ontario
  July 6, 2001 14:28:08 (GMT Time)



Name: Barb Sault
Email: barbs %at*hotkey.net.au
Comments: Good to see my old roomie, Sue Fearnside and my Austin Hall neighbour, Barb Hunt (both partners in mischief) here in the guestbook. I think of Alma when I hear songs from those days-probably the most famous being "American Pie". I have been living in Oz for about 4 years now, and absolutely love it. I hope all reunion-goers had a great time-thanks for setting up this site!
Alma years: 1971-1972
Now living in: Melbourne, Australia
  June 25, 2001 04:53:35 (GMT Time)



Name: Krista McDonald
Email: kemcdona1 %at*yahoo.com
Comments: So many memories! Morning mass and Mrs. Coreless' math class, the formal dance with my very short blind date, "Bob" from Pickering, sitting through Dr. Hardwick's music class, learning the game of tennis, walking into the lunch room and going through "inspection", rolling up kilts, art class in the basement, empty beds & low enrollment, threats of a strike, teachers out front of the gates, substitute teachers, doors closing. Would love to hear from those of you that remember this too!
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Redwood City, CA
  June 24, 2001 02:29:59 (GMT Time)



Name: mary lynn (mooney)siwallace
Email: msiwallace %at*belco.bc.ca
Comments: Hi Linda Sargent . I remember you.
Alma years: 1963-1966
Now living in: bella coola b.c.
  June 22, 2001 23:33:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Brenda (Clark) Hemstad
Email: Brengun42 %at*aol.com
Comments: God Lord I just went back 40 years! I was in Carmen House, and I remember my wierd and wonderful roomates Lee Haviland, Wendy Owens and Heather Strom... Does anyone who lived on the upper floors realize that we Carmen girls had to run up a back staircase to make a grand entrance down the main staircase if we had a "caller"..and that"Caller" had better have permission to come calling in the first place. Remember that we went to School on Saturday but had Monday off???? Never had more fun!,
Alma years: 1960-1961
Now living in: Ottawa, Ontario
  June 22, 2001 17:27:34 (GMT Time)



Name: Lara Leitch / Mrs Lara Masur-Leitch
Email: highlandwoods %at*home.com
Comments: Congratulations to the Alma Reunion Executive for making the 100th reunion so memorable. I was really great to see all those girls who showed up-especially those who flew in or drove for hours to return to Alma.We wish you welland hope to see you return again some day. Best wishes to Lee Currie Ouellete and Marusia Iwasykiw Znaczko who are renewing the Toronto/Golden Horseshoe branch. It's not the bricks and mortar but the people who make Alma live again.
Alma years: 1979-1988
Now living in: London, Ontario
  June 22, 2001 03:18:59 (GMT Time)



Name: Cathie Sault Hughes
Email: hugh010 %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Although I was only there one year, Alma College had an influence on my development. I am still in touch with my old roommate, Kelly Morison and will pass on this website to her. Congratulations for implementing this project. You have re-established many meaningful relationships.
Alma years: 1966-67
Now living in: Etobicoke, ON
  June 20, 2001 23:20:19 (GMT Time)



Name: Wendy Lawrence
Email: wendylawrence1 %at*aol.com
Comments: There are so many of you that I would love to hear from. Life is very good for me. I have three amazing boys ( 2,7,8) and a fantastic husband. We are living in Mississauga,. Send me a line.
Alma years: 75-80
Now living in: Mississauga, Ontario
  June 20, 2001 02:38:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Susan ( Fearnside) Scholefield
Email: ferner10 %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Well this is great, a website. I have such fond memories of the place but cannot bring myself to travel back to St Thomas to see the devestation I understand that it is now undergoing. I have relocated to Scottsdale AZ with my husband and 2 boys - Jason 12 and Taylor 8. I am dying to find out where Virginia Spence and Wilma Fubler are these days. Both graduated with me in 1972, so iif you are out there girlfriend, please send me a note. All the best.
Alma years: 1970 - 1972
Now living in: Scottsdale, Arizona
  June 19, 2001 22:27:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Gayle (Baraniuk) Preston
Email: gayle %at*eacl.wwdc.com
Comments: I guess it is safe to admit that it was I who greesed the door knobs and railings, put plastic wrap over the toilets with baby oil on it on April Fools day 1969. By the way did anyone sit on that stuff?
Alma years: 1967-1969
Now living in: St. Thomas
  June 19, 2001 17:33:28 (GMT Time)



Name: Lianne Duke (Natale)P.J.
Email: lduke %at*netcom.ca
Comments: Hi everyone, It was amazing getting a email about the Alma reunion. I often wonder where everyone is. It's nice even though Alma has closed it's gates that people can still get in touch with each other. I'm married 2 years now, and just had my daughter last April. Chanel Alexis. Life is awesome and just finish telling my husband some of the stories from Alma . Would love to hear from Virginna Daw or Shelagh Bull or anyone from 79-83 years. Hope everyone great things and happiness
Alma years: 1979-1983
Now living in: Burlington, Ontario
  June 18, 2001 22:57:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Susana Guerra Gasque
Email: humgue %at*prodigy.net.mx
Comments: Hi I was in alma college in 1981, i would like to hear fron anyone I am married and i have two daughters ( 7 and 5)please contact me.
Alma years: 1981
Now living in: Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas Mexico.
  June 18, 2001 19:16:19 (GMT Time)



Name: Liskula Gentile
Email: lisqula %at*aol.com
Comments: Any strike students out there? Please let me know! I would love to chat it up with my Alma Mater, Michelle Chai, Liza Duthie, Jenn Gordon, Dawn Egler, Janette Laurie..etc...
Alma years: 86/87
Now living in: NYC www.Liskula.net
  June 17, 2001 20:02:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Susann (Wolbers) King
Email: thekings %at*mitchell.main.nc.us
Comments: The reunion was a mixed bag of emotions. Seeing the old place gutted & half gone was very disturbing. It was once so beautiful. I just read the Alma book put out for the 100 yr. & it made me proud to be able to call myself , an "Alma Girl".
Alma years: '67-69 & '70-71
Now living in: North Carolina
  June 11, 2001 01:33:38 (GMT Time)



Name: Kim Kelly
Email: kim_kelly %at*scotiacapital.com
Comments: This a wonderful website, I've often wondered what everyone from Alma is up to! Hearing that Miss Masur had called brought back so many memories... Scotty singing in morning chapel, Mr. Foster's biology class, Mr. Prettie's Chem experiments, euchre marathons in the butt room, skipping church at the Rendez-vous... (I hope the statute of limitations has run out on detention!) I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend the reunion, I hope it was a great success!! Would love to hear from any of you...
Alma years: 1982-1987
Now living in: Toronto, Ontario
  June 7, 2001 13:39:54 (GMT Time)



Name: Susannah (Sue) Daugharty
Email: susannahd %at*trifin.com
Comments: Hello to all of the ladies of Alma College! I am thrilled to see all of the emails from everyone. I currently work as an Exec. Asst. which keeps me travelling a lot. I still keep in touch with Connie Seid - Noble, Christine Folberth, Tracey Beasely, Lana Hagel & Kuljeet. I have lost touch with far too many of my dear friends and am very happy to see a few of you have posted notes on this board. I look forward to renewing old friendships with you!
Alma years: 1979-80 to 1983-84
Now living in: Toronto, Ontario
  June 5, 2001 16:49:51 (GMT Time)



Name: Marg Scott
Email: diaconal %at*execulink.com
Comments: This is a wonderful site. It was great to see some of you at the Alumnae luncheon. I'm serving Siloam United Church in London as of July 2000. Still playing guitar and telling stories but haven't given a detention in years:) Love to hear from you!
Alma years: staff 1981-87
Now living in: London, Ontario
  June 5, 2001 03:13:37 (GMT Time)



Name: Shirley Scarrow
Email: sscarrow %at*execulink.com
Alma years: 1954-1956
Now living in:  
  June 4, 2001 03:26:51 (GMT Time)



Name: Lisa Wilhelm
Email: lwilhelm %at*maclachlan.on.ca
Comments: Sonja Dickey phoned to tell me about the reunion this weekend. Her first thoughts were 'Oh, no, Miss Masur called! I'm in trouble!' Anyway, I hope it was fun. Liz Ellis and Barbie Phillips where are you? E mail me. I'm teaching gr 5/6 at a private school in Oakville. It's a great school. I'll fill you in on more details later. Have to run, take care! Great reading all of the e-mails. Hopefully talk to some of you Alma College trouble makers soon.
Alma years: 1980-1982
Now living in: Oakville, Ontario
  June 3, 2001 20:09:57 (GMT Time)



Name: Carolyn (Kelly) Marlin
Email: dmarlin %at*cyberus.ca
Comments: I was so surprised to hear from my mother that Miss Masur had called! It was wonderful to read all the guest book entries from all over the world! I will look forward to getting in touch with some old friends! I am working as a physiotherapist in Kanata and live in Constance Bay . We have three children 6,4 and 2 years of age. Unfortunately I will miss this weekend but will be thinking of everyone there. Katie McIlwraith and Sue Daugharty I have lost your addresses!
Alma years: 1981-1983
Now living in: Constance Bay, Ontario
  June 3, 2001 13:36:57 (GMT Time)



Name: Jody Docherty (McNamara)
Email: jodymcn %at*home.com
Comments: Hi Everyone! Wow, this is great that Alma College has a web site. I will be attending the Alma College International Alumnae Association Reunion 2001 and I am very excited about seeing everyone from the past and/ or communicating with anyone who may rememeber me and my sister, Jill Docherty. I will be attending with my dear friend Mary Angne Holland who also attended Alma and is from Windsor, Ontario. See you there!
Alma years: 1972-1975
Now living in: Toronto, Ontario (The Beach)
  June 1, 2001 02:30:11 (GMT Time)



Name: Jean Ray (Tait)
Email: mjray %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: What fun to read this terrific web site. I really enjoyed reading about some of the girls that I went to school with. Unfortunately I have lost contact with my Alma friends, but would love to hear from them. I am now married to Mike and have a two year old son and another baby on the way in September. I work in London at a Pediatrician's office. I am planning to attend the reunion on June 2nd. Hope to see some of the '86 grads there!
Alma years: 1985-86
Now living in: Dutton, Ontario
  May 30, 2001 18:37:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Bette Jo Beacom (Tunks)
Email: beac %at*sprint.ca
Comments: I got home from work tonight to have my daughter tell me that Ms. Masur had phoned! Then I looked at the web site and actually found some names I recognized. I am married and have two children, a daughter, 11, and a son,7. I am a public health nurse here in St. Thomas. If anyone from the K-W area is on, and knows the whereabouts of my Alma roommate, Shelley Wicks, I would love to hear. Also look forward to hearing from other 82-83 students. Hope to see some of you on June2, 2001.
Alma years: 1982-83
Now living in: 12 Luton Cres,St. Thomas, ON N5R 5K1
  May 30, 2001 01:17:27 (GMT Time)



Name: Mary (Miller) Finch
Email: mmfinch %at*muskoka.com
Comments: What great memories. Nothing like getting a phone call from the one and only Miss Masur. Yes all those memories came flooding back and what a great time I had at good old Alma. Now I am running a Bed and Breakfast in Gravenhurst while my husband is off working. Those etiquette lesson has made me just the perfect hostess! Would love to hear for anyone.
Alma years: 78-82
Now living in: Gravenhurst Ontario
  May 30, 2001 00:29:19 (GMT Time)



Name: Jennifer Rowland-Rush
Email: jennrush %at*home.com
Comments: Great website!! Nice to see everyone I remember succeeding and well! I'm now married to Jon, a programmer, and have two terrific boys, Christopher (2 1/2) and Andrew (8 months). I am STILL here in London working full-time as a mother and part-time as a Registered Dental Hygienist. I work in 2 general practices and work up at UWO as a clinical/pre-clinical instructor. I can't believe it has been nearly 15 years! EGAD! I won't be attending the reunion, but wish all of you the best.
Alma years: 1985-1988
Now living in: London, Ontario
  May 24, 2001 13:31:44 (GMT Time)



Name: Marusia Iwasykiw Znaczko
Email: Marusia.Znaczko %at*WTEL.tdsb.on.ca
Comments: I feel like a teenager again!WOW!!! It was such a pleasure to read the comments and see/hear some familiar names of my past. Truly looking forward to June 2nd. See you...
Alma years: 1984-1986??
Now living in: Toronto, Ontario
  May 24, 2001 02:19:14 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Great to find this site & read all the comments! I lived in London for over 30 years, but back in Toronto now. I have 2 grown sons, 1 in England, 1 in Victoria & 2 darling granddaughters in England. Hope to hear from others in my years!
Alma years: 1963-65
Now living in: Toronto,ON
  May 21, 2001 01:19:47 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: My first attempt at signing got cut off! I currently live in Toronto & work for a bank. I have 2 grown sons, 1 in England, 1 in Victoria, BC & have 2 darling granddaughters in England. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me!
Alma years: 1963-65
Now living in: Toronto, ON
  May 21, 2001 01:13:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I have seen several names of people in this guestbook that I remember from my days at Alma. I roomed with one of the Latinas, Luisa Lloreda, from Bogota, Colombia.My closest friend in those days was Dianne Woeller, from Kitchener. I have 2 grown sons, one in England, one in Victoria, BC & I have 2 darling granddaughters in England.
Alma years: 1964-65
Now living in: Toronto, On
  May 21, 2001 01:08:26 (GMT Time)



Name: Anne Leeson
Email: annel %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I have seen several names of people in this guestbook that I remember from my days at Alma. I roomed with one of the Latinas, Luisa Lloreda, from Bogota, Colombia. Luisa & I stayed in touch for about 10 years & then we lost touch. My closest friend in those days was Dianne Woeller, from Kitchener. At the time, I wasn't too thrilled with all the regulations we had, but looking back, we really did have a great time! Sandra Whitcher & I used to climb into the crawl space between the floors, thr
Alma years: 1964-65
Now living in: Toronto, On
  May 20, 2001 18:06:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Jane Ann (Macdonald) Tasker
Email: jatasker %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: It is wonderful to see all the messages from all of you on the web site. I hope that many more will appear and we can keep in touch. It would be great if many of us can catch up at reunion this year the committee has worked hard this year for the anniversary. I have 2 grown children now and am married to Jack. We have a flooring company in London with 6 other people. Hope to hear from all of you.
Alma years: 1964-1968
Now living in: Port Stanley, Ontario
  May 19, 2001 15:45:32 (GMT Time)



Name: Patt (Crawford) Robinson
Email: pattrobin %at*iprimus.ca
Comments: I found this site by signing into Classmates. It is really great and I would like to learn more about the people that I went to Alma with. I was there on a dining room bursary so lived in the basement with a real great group. Two Japanese girls Yasako & Midori Ebata were part of the group. I liked the name Midori so much that I called my daughter Midori. One of my room mates was Maryanne Lostell. I used to do alot of things with Janet Pugsley, Heather Fish and Vivian Scott. Rebecca Feldman
Alma years: Grade 13, 1961, 62 & 1962, 63
Now living in: Kilbride, Ontario, Canada(part of Burlington)
  May 16, 2001 22:55:42 (GMT Time)



Name: Linda Sargent (Sturvist)
Email: steppingstones %at*tds.net
Comments: I am really happy to have found this site. I have often wondered what happened to the girls I went to school with at Alma. I live on a farm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We have horses (of course) and beef cattle. I am a nurse at Marquette General Hospital on the Adult Psych. Unit. Hope to hear from anyone that was at Alma when I was there (1962-1965).
Alma years: 1962-1965
Now living in: Rumely, Michigan
  May 16, 2001 14:39:28 (GMT Time)



Name: Simone Sirjoo
Email: ssirjoo %at*ibcinc.com, simonesirjoo %at*msn.com
Comments: Hi everyone! I was actually looking for Kim Kelly when I stumbled upon this site. Allison Ross (my room mate at Alma) and Sonya Parmar are still very good friends of mine. It would be a pleasure to hear from anyone who remembers the year and remembers us.
Alma years: 1985-1986
Now living in: Port of Spain, Trinidad, WI.
  May 14, 2001 20:28:02 (GMT Time)



Name: Irene (Le Gendre) Cole
Email: peircole %at*home.com
Comments: Great to hear that the spirit of Alma College is still alive.I have often wondered what has happend to all of the girls I know there. If you are out there I would love to hear from you.
Alma years: 1968-1969
Now living in: Toronto
  May 8, 2001 01:26:09 (GMT Time)



Name: Trudy L. Bauer
Email: tjvision %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: It's great to see that Alma has it's own web site, what a great way for everyone to get back in touch. If you remember me please drop me a note and we can catch up on the past twenty years. I moved from northern Ontario about five years ago and now live in Muskoka. I'm working in the health care field and (finally) making a bit of a living as a professional artist - it's always been a dream of mine to do something that I love. I'm looking forward to hearing from some of my old classmates and fri
Alma years: 1979-1981
Now living in: RR#1 - 42 Oakridge Road, Huntsville Ontario P1H2J2
  May 5, 2001 15:36:38 (GMT Time)



Name: Gwendolyn Ann Snelgrove Lee
Email: glee %at*quadro.net
Comments: How delighted and surprised I was to receive e-mail from Alma College Old Girls! I can tell you I am a REALLY old girl. I attended Alma 1948-1949 and have lost touch with my Alma friends decades ago. Would love to hear from anyone out there. I roomed with Jeanne Rodgers of St. Catharines, and Stella Rusynyk of Toronto in Warner West. I enjoyed the friendship of Jean McKellar of St. Thomas, Gladys Whitty of Windsor, and Mildred Ryckman of Vineland, Ontario. Are any of you out there?
Alma years: 1948-1949
Now living in: formerly of Toronto now in London, Ontario
  May 3, 2001 02:00:00 (GMT Time)



Name: Joanne (Walper) Pentecost
Email: ianpent %at*execulink.com
Comments: What a great Surprise! I didn't realize how much I missed Alma until I started reading everyone's notes in the guestbook. I drove past Alma a few years ago, but didn't go inside. I would love to hear from anyone who attended 76-77. I kept in touch with Cindy Reynolds until a few years ago then lost touch. I would love to hear from my roommate Christen McKenzie from Windsor.
Alma years: 76-77
Now living in: Parkhill, Ontario
  May 3, 2001 00:28:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Queenie Wong
Email: queenie.wong %at*compuware.com
Comments: I have been expecting this web-site to come alive. Really excited if I could get in touch with the old crowd once again. Been 14 years since I left Alma and I missed the school, the teachers, the house-mother and my schoolmates from grade 8 and up. Hey does anyone remember me? I was Snow Queen in 85-86, student council president in 86-87.... Please contact me via email or call me at 852-9102-6266
Alma years: 84-87
Now living in: Hong Kong
  May 2, 2001 10:49:31 (GMT Time)



Name: Diana(Braun) Loomis
Email: jdloomis %at*primus.ca
Comments: Is anyone still alive from '62,63? I live in St.Catharines,Ont. with my husband John. We have two grown children. I keep in touch with Bev. Holstead and Janet(Medcalf) Lucas. Does anyone remember any of us?
Alma years: 1962,'63
Now living in: St.Catharines Ontario.
  May 2, 2001 02:13:20 (GMT Time)



Name: Carol Keller (Phippen)
Email: cekelle %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Hi to everyone. Glad to see this website. Would love to hear from from anyone to reminisce about the good old days at Alma.
Alma years: 1956-1959
Now living in: Sarnia, Ontario. - 605-131Maxwell St N7T 7N9
  May 1, 2001 23:48:03 (GMT Time)



Name: Melinda (Hilson)Christmas
Email: christmas4 %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Was great to see the website would love to hear from anyone I went to school with
Alma years: 1968-69
Now living in: 19 Hemlock Blvd, Strathroy, Ontario N7G4B9
  May 1, 2001 23:03:31 (GMT Time)



Name: Denise Wolbers-Coulter
Email: denise.coulter %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I sure was surprised to see an e-mail forwarded to me in reference to the reunion. I sent it onward to everyone I haven't lost track of-but there are so many I think about and hope to hear from.
Alma years: 1978-1980
Now living in: Essex , Ontario
  May 1, 2001 04:45:01 (GMT Time)



Name: Margaret Magda (Edgeworth)
Email: emagda %at*sprint.ca
Comments: Hello I,m glade to see a web site for us. I still contact a few Alma girls. I will pass this site on so we can keep in touch with the news and up dates. Somethings about me. I was married in 1980 and have two boys. Our family own and operate a farm. Our operation is expanding and has a long term goal for the future.Would like to hear from my class of 1974.
Alma years: 1971-1974
Now living in: Princeton Ontario
  April 30, 2001 15:50:06 (GMT Time)



Name: Landa Visscher-Coletta
Email: vcoletta %at*quixnet.net
Comments: Hello to everyone!This is your May Queen from 1980 ....and before you look me up in the year book, I got rid of those beautiful glasses that summer :) I was married in 1987, and took that Toronto boy, moved him into the country and had two girls ages 11 and 8 and one boy who is 6. We own several businesses which keeps us definately on the busy side. I still draw quite a bit, but writing seems to have been taking over these past few years. If I can swing it, I will attend the reunion in June.
Alma years: 1/2 of 1979, all of 1980
Now living in: Bought my parents farm: RR8 Parkhill, Ont., N0M2K0
  April 30, 2001 15:09:01 (GMT Time)



Name: Tania McLeod (McLeod-Yu)
Email: Tania.McLeod-Yu %at*syrinx.com.au
Comments: Hi to all the Alma girls of 1979, and 1984. I am now married with an 8yr old daughter. Hope to hear from anyone from those years. Best Regards
Alma years: 1979; 1984
Now living in: Sydney, Australia
  April 30, 2001 05:05:36 (GMT Time)



Name: Hannah-Ellen James Service
Email: hannahservic %at*hotmail.com
Comments: I just might have to show up to that party! I am presently an Executive Director. I spent most of my years after I left Alma in Chicago then Nova Scotia . I graduated in 1969 68 can not remember. I still have a teddy bear that a good friend gave me named allwright a cream bear with moveable legs . What happened to Carol Grightmire she married Danny Irvine and I think worked in a bank in St Thomas. You all take care keep up the good workon this web site. Cheers Hannah
Alma years: 1968-69
Now living in: Ottawa Ontario (Kanata)
  April 30, 2001 03:13:14 (GMT Time)



Name: Kathleen (Kathy Kirby) Ellertson
Email: AngelsWOme2 %at*mmcable.com
Comments: Gosh how fun to find this website! I found myself looking for names, hoping I would find one that I recognized! I STILL remember that * song! "I go to A-L-M-A pity me!" LOL. Joanna are you out there??? I still remember graduation with all the roses, and winning the art and drama scholarships...
Alma years: 1969-1970
Now living in: Moore, Oklahoma USA
  April 30, 2001 02:46:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Eugenia Last
Email: elast %at*eugenialast.com
Comments: I only spent one year at Alma College however I must say that on looking back it was probably the best year of my youth. I have fond memories of sharing and doing things with many of the girls in Ryerson East. Especially Jane Carr the girl I roomed with.
Alma years: 62/63
Now living in:  
  April 30, 2001 01:01:39 (GMT Time)



Name: Susann (Wolbers) King
Email: thekings %at*mitchell.main.nc.us
Comments: This June will be my 30 year from graduation--GOSH!! I guess as we get older we like to reminisce about those good "ol days"! They were actually the best years of my life.I occasionally have nightmares that I have to tell Ms. Mazur how I really passed my french exam after been kicked out of the class , half way thru the year! Hope to be able to come up for June reunion. Everyone needs to forward this site to any Alma girl they can find. Susann
Alma years: 1966-'68 & 1970-'71
Now living in: Spruce Pine, North Carolina, USA 28777
  April 30, 2001 00:31:21 (GMT Time)



Name: De-Ann (Drinkwalter) Bellia
Email: joebellia %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I am so happy that I found this site. It is marvelous!!! I can't believe that almost twenty years have past since my Alma days. I look back on my memories fondly. I am sorry that I have lost contact with the girls, but life has a way of getting busy when you have a family (I have three children ages 14,11 and 5). I recently started to email Barbie Phillips, she is now is Florida. I would love to hear from everyone who attended 82-83
Alma years: 1982 - 1983
Now living in: London Ontario
  April 29, 2001 11:22:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Annie Yiu
Email: acyiu %at*yahoo.com
Comments: I was so excited to find this web site. It's been 14 years since I graduated from Alma College. I would love to hear from anyone who were at Alma between 84-87.
Alma years: 84-87
Now living in: Hong Kong
  April 29, 2001 03:32:40 (GMT Time)



Name: Lisa Mills - George
Email: gstyle %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: I was in London visiting my Mother a few weeks ago and went for a little drive with my children - they couldn't believe anyone would actually live in a place that looked as if it was haunted - of course I told them it was... They were absolutely thrilled and horrified and wondered what I possibly could have done to have been sent to that scary place! Will try to make it to the reunion in June but would enjoy hearing from any of the 1979 grads.
Alma years: 1978/79
Now living in: Toronto
  April 29, 2001 00:28:28 (GMT Time)



Name: Marion Mann Mills
Email: gstyle %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: Retired back to London a few years ago and enjoying a very busy life. Love to hear from any of the old girls.
Alma years: 1946 - 1948
Now living in: 854 Berkshire Drive, Loondon, Ontario N6J 3S7
  April 29, 2001 00:22:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Stacey (Laverty) Roberts
Email: Roberts_stacey %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Enjoyed the web site. Nice to read about other Alma girls and their lives. I live in Guelph, been married 20yrs this July and have 3 children. I have stayed in touch, with Joyce (Jesch) Sanderson, she lives in Milton, and Elaine (Williams) Hill she lives here in Guelph. I will try to get them together and attend the reunion, looking forward to seeing you then.
Alma years: 1975-76
Now living in: 22 Sunrise Crt, Guelph, Ontario
  April 28, 2001 23:01:29 (GMT Time)



Name: Rita Chan
Email: rchan %at*enteractivestudio.com
Comments: I was surprised when I came across the Alma web site by accident. It sure brought back many interesting memories, and I can't believe how quickly time has passed. I would love to hear from people from my class whom I failed to keep track over the years. Vicky, Jill, Lumpy, Mr Foster, Mr Pretty, where are you ? Drop me a line, would you ?
Alma years: 81-82
Now living in: Los Angeles, California
  April 28, 2001 22:21:46 (GMT Time)



Email: gabyruiz7 %at*hotmail.com
Alma years: 85-86
Now living in: TOLUCA, MEXICO
  April 28, 2001 21:21:02 (GMT Time)



Name: Lee (Currie) Ouellette
Email: lee.ouellette %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: A couple of months ago I bumped into another mum at a child's birthday party and who would it be but Liz Ellis from my days at Alma. I opened up my local paper and who do I see but Allison Jones another from my Alma experience. Those coincindences prompted me to go through (many) boxes and dig out my old Alma yearbooks and laugh ... and cringe! I've been trying to locate some other alumnae through the years and anxiously wait to see their names in this guest book. What a fabulous idea! Hope
Alma years: 1981-1982
Now living in: Oakville, Ontario
  April 27, 2001 20:41:57 (GMT Time)



Name: Morgana Crewe
Email: morgana %at*riv.com
Comments: "Dear old Alma, may we ever look back upon thy glory"...or something like that. Or more to the point "Welcome to the school, Alma College, what a ________ place, once you check in you can never leave". Does anyone remember the words to the rried with 2 children. My career has taken off with Bell Nexxia, I am working with high level management in Budget and Results. I attended Alma 1984-86. I hope to attend the 2001 Reunion to catch up with everyone.
Alma years: 1984-86
Now living in: Richmond Hill, Ontario
  April 27, 2001 15:16:34 (GMT Time)



Name: Miss Masur / Mrs Lara Masur-Leitch
Email: highlandwoods %at*home.com
Comments: Great web site!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading all the messages from the girls. Where are all you others? I will be at the reunion this year for all the Saturday events. I would like to see all of the girls especially the Prefects turn out. It's the 100th Alma Alumnae reunion so this is the year to return if you value your memories of Alma, the good times and all your wonderful friends. I will endeavour to phone as many teachers as I can to return for our special banquet.
Alma years: l970-l988
Now living in: London, Ontario
  April 25, 2001 12:47:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Christine (Folberth)Burck
Email: ChristineBurck %at*t-online.de
Comments: The alumnae website and the idea with this guestbook are just wonderful! Congratulations! I attended Alma from 1983 to 1984 and graduated in 1983 from grade 12. I was yearbook editor for 1984.After leaving Alma I went back to Germany, studied medicine and just recently I completed my residency in surgery. I will now do further training in handsurgery. I would love to get in contact with other students of my years. I am visiting Canada every three to four years, so we could even meet some
Alma years: 1983-1984
Now living in: Seldeneckstr. 40, 76185 Karlsruhe, Germany
  April 21, 2001 20:58:33 (GMT Time)



Name: Stephanie Olson godard
Email: Carlsonpc %at*Earthlink.com
Comments: It is wonderful we have a website at last. I attended from '57 to late '62. I get news about other '62 grads from Claire McAlister and Marj Montano but would love to see everybody again. So much of our youth was spent together and I still dream about which room and House I would be assigned. Sometimes a nightmare!! Hope all are happy and well. I recently went to a cuban 'Ruston Academy' reunion. Hundreds came and it was sensational. The same should happen for Alma grads!
Alma years: '57 -'62 l/2
Now living in: Captiva Island, Florida (28 years)
  April 20, 2001 12:18:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Audrey Ann (Vagiates) Basbas
Email: mgb_bas %at*mediaone.net
Comments: I am sending this along for my wife, Audrey. She indicated that she loved every day at Alma and has very fond memories of life friendships at Alma.We will make every reunion as long as we are able - and we are able. We were glad that you emphasized, "PLEASE BRING YOUR SPOUSE." We always go everywhere together. Audrey has indicated on many occasions that she enjoyed and appreciated the honor of serving as May Queen in 1945 which is one of the treasured memories of her life.
Alma years: 1940 - 1945
Now living in: 25 Jeffrey Road, Wayland, Massachusetts 01778-2505
  April 16, 2001 16:11:39 (GMT Time)



Name: Lena Cristina Rincones
Email: hpardo %at*fuse.net
Comments: I attended Alma College for 2 years, 81/82 & 82/833, and graduate from grade 12 th '82 and grede 13th '83. I am from Venezuela and will love to hear from classmates from my years at Alma. I have kept in contact with Carolina Guerra, my best frimed from Alma days. I have 2 beatyfull daughters (7 & 2 years old)
Alma years: 1981-1983
Now living in: Loveland, Ohio, USA
  April 13, 2001 14:33:50 (GMT Time)



Name: Marjorie Montano Short
Email: short %at*albedo.net
Comments: Great to see this new website...I remember my four years at Alma as being a very pleasant life experience..I still keep in contact with many of the close friends I made there..What I did not realise however, was that having made that choice to come to school in Canada.from Trinidad.. I was going to land up living here for ever and ever...every single winter. I live in Guelph Ontario..with my husband of 30 years. One of our 3 children is still at home...
Alma years: 1958-1962
Now living in: Guelph Ontario
  April 11, 2001 12:33:28 (GMT Time)



Name: Marilyn Dufau-Casanabe-Miramon (Montano)
Email: jean.miramon %at*wanadoo.fr
Comments: I attended Alma with my sister Marjorie.....I have been back twice over the years ....to show my daughters the school in 1978, even met up with Dr Sifton and Mrs Douglas at that time to, and I also visted in 1981. Any of my class visiting Paris are welcome to call me up if they pass through (our village is about 25 kms from Paris) at 01 34 61 70 52.
Alma years: 1958 - 1960
Now living in: 11 allée des Lutins, 78320 Le Mesnil Saint Denis,
  April 11, 2001 03:43:19 (GMT Time)



Name: Leslie (Brown) Leroux
Email: lal %at*labourlaw.com
Comments: What a wonderful website! I would love to hear from any of my classmates (1987-1988).
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Cayuga, Ontario
  April 6, 2001 13:53:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Leslie (Brown) Leroux
Email: lal %at*labourlaw.com
Comments: What a wonderful website! I would love to hear from any of my classmates (1987-1988).
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Cayuga, Ontario
  April 6, 2001 13:53:12 (GMT Time)



Name: Sylvia Shiell
Email: sshiell %at*hotmail.com
Comments: Nice page Ladies. I am living in BC working on my Master of Arts in Art Education and teaching art - if you can imagine. I would love to hear from anyone from Alma. Funny, I was singing the song the other day. *S*
Alma years: 1976-79, 1980-81, and 1985-87
Now living in: British Columbia
  April 4, 2001 14:17:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Karen Baracat
Email: notesonbroadway %at*hotmail.ca
Comments: Hello to all the "A" girls out there! I just stumbled upon this site! WOW! I can't beleive it! In 1999, I came to re-visit Alma and the door was wide open...I walked in and all these memories came rushing back!!! Of course, it was an empty place at that time (but I got to ring the "bell")! I found it comforting to know "our" building is still there. I am interested to know more about the TEACHERS/Housemothers and what happened to alot of them! Thank you for this great site! Now, I've got a piece of home on the
Alma years: 1987-1988
Now living in: Windsor, Ontario
  April 3, 2001 15:44:07 (GMT Time)



Email: semels %at*utech.net
Comments: How I love this web site. It has brought back so many wonderful years at Alma. I too would love to see more photos. I remember Doreen Hall. A tall slim blond. Very friendly-well liked by all.
Alma years: My Alma were eight in all from 1938-1945
Now living in: Lompoc, California
  March 29, 2001 16:31:42 (GMT Time)



Name: Heather Smith
Email: gerryksmith %at*home.com
Comments: The new site is wonderful. I am trying to get in contact with anyone who attended Alma from 1986-1988. We were all very close to begin with, but with all that went on that last year we seemed to grow even closer. I treasure all my memories of Alma and hope that thru this website I will be able to get in contact with some old friends. Have a great reunion and I hope I can make the next one. I also agree that more pictures are needed, and would also like to see the names of the people in the
Alma years: 1986-1988
Now living in: Fort McMurray, Alberta
  March 28, 2001 04:14:23 (GMT Time)



Name: Barb (Hunt) Gilmore
Email: jgills %at*freespace.net
Comments: You have done a great sight on the web site. It would be wonderful if possible to put more photos on. Am trying my best to get time off to come to reunion. It's been too long.... I would love to see everyone again. You all have done a wonderful job in keeping the alumni alive and especially in saving whatever could be saved from the College. Thanks just isn't enough....
Alma years: 1970-72
Now living in: Guelph, Ontario
  March 27, 2001 21:20:45 (GMT Time)



The following two comments were posted to the Information Elgin web site guestbook.

Name: Maria del Pilar Sanchez(Baird)
Email: randybaird %at*peoplepc.com
Comments: I am posting this for my wife. We now live in Orland,Fl. She is an alumni of th old Alma College. We understan that it is now collesed. We are especially intrested in communicating with Alumni, Especially class of '61. We are particularly intrested in who has custodial care of transcripts. You can contact us at randybaird %at*peoplepc.com. Sincerely, Byron R. Baird and Pilar Baird
Alma years: 1961
Now Living in:  
  Saturday, October 07, 2000 at 17:40:52 (EDT)



Name: Beryl Booth
Email: steve.andrews %at*sympatico.ca
Comments: My mother Beryl (Cuddles) & her sister Patricia attended Alma from 1945 - 1949. They came up from Peru and mum would absolutely love to make contact with anyone from those days! She plans to attend the reunion in June/2001. I happened to be in St. Thomas for the first time today & was fortunate enough to gain access through a wonderful lady (she works for the "retirement community venture") and was touched by the whole tour, the chapel, the staircase, and the turrets! Mum said "just tonight" that she roomed in one of them! I stole a couple of broken bricks on the ground for Mum, but more than anything, she really needs to hear from some of you! As you know by now, I am her son, her eldest, and I have 3 sisters. Please e-mail (as above) or even call me at home (905) 453-0831 so I can put you in touch with Mum or Mum can get in touch with you. My dad passed away this past April and she really wants to relive/go back to her Alma days! Thank You Very Much To All! Sincerely, Stephen Andrews
Alma years: 1945 - 1949
Now Living in: Huttonville, Ontario, Canada
  Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 18:25:39 (EDT)



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